Saturday, April 01, 2017

Foiled terrorism is still terrorism

My essay from last year -- cheekily titled "Taliban, Taliban, tally me banana: Jihad come and me want to go home" -- made the point that we should not merely worry about the successful terror attacks that have happened, but also the countless ones that could have happened, but which were foiled by various intelligence agencies throughout the West.

I was reminded of this by the latest attempt by Muslims to kill us (and yes, I count among "us" the Italians, who are part of the wondrously diverse West which Muslims want to destroy):

The story relayed by Jihad Watch:

"Three Muslims arrested for Islamic State plot to blow up historic Rialto bridge in Venice"

In the story, we learn that:

Venice’s chief prosecutor Adelchi D’Ippolito said the suspects had celebrated the Westminster attack in London which saw Khalid Masood kill four people and injure up to 50 others on March 22.

And also that:

The prosecutor said up to three other Kosovans [Muslim Kosovans, that is] were also under investigation over their ties to those arrested.

And that:

Mr D’Ippolito revealed one of the suspects had said “Considering how many infidels there are in Venice, we could get to heaven right away by putting a bomb on the Rialto bridge”.


The point is that our assessment of the threat of Islamic terrorism should also factor in every foiled plot (and there have been hundreds in the last 15 years throughout the West) as though it had been successful -- since the Muslims who plotted it surely wanted it to succeed.  This magnifies the problem far beyond even what the famous website,, adumbrates in its regular, ghastly litany of Mohammedan terror against us. 

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