Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hesperado podcast #1: "The Swamp meets the Desert"

What do you get when a Swamp meets a Desert?  A mirage.

This first Hesperado podcast concerns the recent speech by President Trump delivered in the maw of the lion's den, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to the Muslim world.

I hope to have more podcasts in the near future.  Each one should be no more than 5 minutes long, and my earnest intent is to make them far shorter than that (this first one is 4 minutes and 7 seconds).


Richard James said...

Thanks Hesp, good pithy first podcast

I look forward to more.

Nobody said...

Thanks for posting this. It was interesting hearing you speak.

I didn't hear the speech at all, but there are several annoying aspects to it. First of all, both State & Defense seem to have dragged @POTUS into the swamp. The State Department is slow-walking the promise to move the embassy to Jerusalem, even though that would be West Jerusalem, which is not contested territory (other than all of Israel being contested territory, in which case even Tel Aviv should be unacceptable). The Defense Department has been getting in bed w/ Arab juntas, be it President Isis, er Sisi in Cairo or King Abdullah in Jordan, and it's more likely than not that Gen McMaster was behind this trip. Just pathetic.

We had that demonstration in DC by Turkish dissidents & Kurds, and members of Erdogan's entourage causing a riot. Yet the US government pretends to this day that Turkey is an ally, even while it does everything to sabotage the Syrian Kurds in the battle against ISIS,and bombs US allies. It's high time that the US told NATO to either kick out Turkey, or watch the US itself leave. Also, the US shouldn't hesitate to engage in combat w/ Turkey, and even bomb their launch pads, just like it bombed Syria's. Oh, and of course, pull out of any bases in Turkey, if there are any left.

The other thing - the Muslims have always been good at telling us one thing and doing something else. Like Fuckistan, that was shit scared and promised to cooperate w/ us after 9/11, but then sheltered Osama right outside their capital. The other Muslim countries are no less duplicitous: they'll happily open this 'Anti-Terrorism Center' in Riyadh, and then continue to support their own pet Jihadist militias wherever they like. After all, their definition of 'Terror' is only anything that opposes them, not anything that we consider terrorism.

My only hope is that in Jerusalem tomorrow, the president doesn't go back to the triangulation of the US from both Israel & the Palis: that would be a shame. I was supportive of him, but this is my #1 issue, beats even the wall. B'cos while we have our problems w/ M13 and all the other Central American gangs & drug dealers, even they've not been as lethal as the Jihadists that we keep letting in, and can't keep out, courtesy judges that were appointed by both Obama & Bush!

Nobody said...

The other thing: who were the attendees? While the news reports said that it was some 50 Muslim countries - some promotional materials seemed to indicate that it was a combination of Arab & South American, non Muslim countries. In which case, substituting the term 'religious' for Islamic, as the president did in some parts of the speech, were meaningless, since it would suggest that Latin American Catholicism was as guilty as Islam.

I do think that Latin American Catholicism, and its enabling of Latin American undermining of US sovereignty is worth addressing, but that should have been reserved for the Vatican leg of the tour.

Hesperado said...

Thanks Richard James; hopefully I'll do many more. I just put up #2.

Nobody, yes I agree, many things troubling about Trump's speech. My second podcast (above) discusses the fact that Trump actually did NOT say "Islamist extremism" and "Islamist terror" -- but rather used the far better "Islamic" adjective (though he did have to add "Islamists" in the same sentence). In my further podcasts in the near future, I'll go into the more important defects of Trump's speech.

Video of Trump's speech:

By the way, at the chat venue ("Paltalk chat") which I have periodically mentioned and tried to promote as one little venue for some folks to get together to forge a counter-jihad community, various and sundry people of many different political persuasions have been hearing my voice for years, talking about this issue every which way but loose. I still go to Paltalk chat quite often; however, sadly, all my efforts at trying to galvanize a counter-jihad community there have foundered, miserably.