Thursday, May 04, 2017

Still Incoherent After All These Years... (cont.)

In Australia, apparently, an Islamic cleric criticized "radicalization" and was reviled by fellow Muslims for doing so.  Or, as the Daily Mail of Australia had it:

“‘May God curse you, you pig, you dog’: Islamic leader Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi abused by Muslims as he walks down the street in Sydney,”

In one of his breezy editorial remarks on this, leave it to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch to be unable to avoid the twitch of the Wrong Instinct:

Whether Tawhidi is sincere or not, it is noteworthy that publicly opposing “radicalization” and the imposition of Sharia in Australia gets him curses from his fellow Muslims there. 

Au contraire, there is no "whether" about this (and even worse, Spencer's headline -- "May Allah curse you, you pig, you dog" says Muslim to imam who opposes jihad terror -- clearly implies that Sheikh Tawhidi is "opposed to jihad terror").

If the West does not cultivate a rational prejudice against all Muslims -- and consider Muslims like Sheikh Tawhidi here to be trying (and apparently succeeding) to do a Good Cop/Better Cop taqiyya spin -- it will be eventually destroyed by Muslims before this 21st century is over.  The one place in the Universe for this rational prejudice to begin to spark and gather momentum, you'd think, would be the Counter-Jihad.

Not as long as influential leadership muddies the waters with incoherent rhetoric, like Spencer does; and not as long as his devout following utters nary a peep about it.

Only one Jihad Watch reader in the comments section (one "Benedict"), as far as I can tell, had the appropriate reflex:

Should our sympathy lie with Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi – ?
Don’t be deceived and don’t let Muslims play both sides of the fence. Islam in all its editions is a permanent source of strife and contention and ultimately murder and mayhem!

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