Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hesperado Podcast #14: "The Mountain of Data" Part 1...

My 14th podcast.  This one nearly 10 minutes long.

Discussing the long list, or mountain of data, about the problem of Islam, and whether it's useful for our purposes "in the Counter-Jihad" in our protracted, frustrating project of trying to wake up our fellow Westerners to that problem of Islam.

One essay (among many I could adduce) relevant to this:

Mt. Jihad Watch

And now, ladies and germs, my fourteenth podcast:


Steve12 said...

My Impressions of Radio Arab Inferiority

"I've got a mountain - which is also a volcano for you geology buffs - which you need to receive in your mouth, but like oatmeal"

Very well said.

I like that you go on about how many episodes this will take, pretty much running down all possible integers. Compelling.

Also good to start with animal abuse. That's not a thing in all backward cultures, just Islamic ones.

You might want to come up with a better story for how Muslims are actually going to take over the entire United States. Tough sell here kid. Maybe you can say ISIS will swim here?

I love that your worried about outreach. Wait until you get to the solution! THAT is when you're going to get them. Trust me - "Islam Island" is going to be as big a hit with most people as it is with me! They're gonna totally love that one at the Rotary Club.

Wooden nickel joke. SOLID! Might get sued by the estate of Henny Youngmen, but worth it.

Steve12 said...

So you gonna have me on this podcast or what?

What gets listeners to a podcast? CONTROVERSY. You want to attract listeners to warn them of the coming apocalypse, I want to mock you. THAT's compelling! I can get loads of people to listen and comment.

So whattya say my man! LET'S DO THIS HESSPY!

Steve12 said...

I think I'm your only fan dude. Well, such as I am. I'm likely the only person listening.

And call me crazy, but part of me is rooting for you. Rooting for you to get an audience and sell your ideas to them, ya know? I can see you getting a big radio show, and being a modern day Father Coughlin. Fool on the hill saves the town.

Then I remember that you're a genocidal maniac, and I'm like, well...

Hesperado said...

To my relatively mature readers, I went to the Apple Store recently, and was pleased to find a "ScreenOut Belligerent PC MCs" app, which you can insert in your i-glasses and screen out any online communications from people like "steve12" and "Phillip Jihadski" (AKA "Joe Blow") -- with the amazing added feature of detection even when they try to communicate more anonymously. This app is helpful even when you are consciously on guard to avoid reading (or hearing) any such communication, since occasionally one slips up and can't help the horror of glimpsing a few words or a phrase from said PC MCs.

Steve12 said...

"To my relatively mature readers"

Could also have been equivalently stated as:

"To my reader, Steve12"

This schtick needs major upgrading, btw. The App Store bit is a good example of why you have low readership. You need to be more entertaining in the way you sell you idea.

How's this as a catchy way to rope in some folks to the blog?:

'Islam Island' or, how I Advocated for Genocide without Really Trying

Think about it Hesspy!

Steve12 said...

Does this mean you're not going to have me on your podcast?

Steve12 said...

"This app is helpful even when you are consciously on guard to avoid reading (or hearing) any such communication"

I love that you brag about only wanting to hear information that affirms your beliefs! Some people are embarrassed about being close-minded - you embrace it. Good for you!

Now the lists and confirmation bias and availability bias all makes sense....

Egghead said...

Hey Steve,

Let's narrow the thesis: Muslims are an existential threat to clitorises.

Among other topics (like how the Muslim infiltration dynamic is simply copying the Jewish infiltration dynamic), Gates of Vienna came to a point of censoring my comments about the demonstrable Muslim threat to clitorises - which was very curious and disheartening since over half the world has clitorises - legitimately billions in this case!

Plenty of objective evidence supports my claim - and the Muslim 'War on Clitorises' (TM) both well and truly predates colonialism and modern Western meddling in Muslim lands.

The modern West needs to expel barbarous Islam so that (as the Muslim Obama would promise and renig):

If you like your clitoris, you can keep your clitoris.

P.S. I bet you're a real dick. Wink! :)