Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hesperado Podcast #16: "Mountain of Data" Part 3...

Continuing my series on the mountain of data available out there indicating a problem of Islam so bad, it is systemic and metastasizing, with a trajectory leading to the reduction of our beautiful (but, of course, imperfect) Western civilization to a general breakdown of order and infrastructure, zones of killing fields, random civil unrest and violence, and a crippling (if not paralysis) of the economy.

WARNING:  I use the F word a couple of times in brief fits of understandable frustration and fury at the stupidity of the West.

Links for part 1 in which I discuss the various types of Mohammedan pathology (viz., animal torture) other than terrorism proper:

Islam: Up Close and Personal

Denmark: Extreme cruelty to animals in Muslim ghetto: heads pulled off cats, kittens cut up and intestines pulled out

And scroll down to the "Postscript" in my essay Allah, the Evil Demiurge?

Finally, a Google page of my various "Lake Mobegone" essays, which again I discuss in this podcast.


Steve12 said...

Do what must be done, I.e, genocide.

What about the fact that I have a "Mountain of Data" for the US's violent and barbaric actions toward Mulsims? I really want to know why your mountain counts and that one doesn't. But of course, being HEsperado means never having to answer any reasonable questions....

Calling it "data" to give it this empirical feel is such bullshit. You don't have any "data" in any meaningful scientific manner. What are you comparing your mountain to? What's the control? If there's another mountain for non-Muslims (control mountain) then your "data" is meaningless horseshit. See above.

Why would you start your podcast w/o an outline of what you want to say? Stop phumphering around and have a plan. Love that your "satire" is a play on "A Prairie Home Companion", which only 1% of the US population has ever heard of.

Obama was soft on Muslims? I just cited a link form the Air Force saying that he dropped 55,000 bombs on the ME in one year.

Fuck and shit! Very saucy. Never heard Garrison say those words.

Steve12 said...

Ahhh! A shout out!

Tiuds of comments....please. You refused to answer my points so I busted your balls a bit. Obviously you're a snowflake type, that was obvious from your reactions to a little humor on my part.

I should have been more complementary above. You're putting a little emotion into things and it works. It's no the curse words per se, but the fact that your passion re: the subject matter is coming across. Much more compelling.

Now, you need an outline of what you're going to cover so you're not stammering about. Less stammering + more passion = more listeners. Garrison didn't phumpher about, did he? No. Still, drop the Priarie Home Companion bit. White nationalists don't listen to NPR, and that's your target market. Only white liberals with English degrees form Eastern liberal arts colleges listen to shit like that (and radio geeks like me). I also love bluegrass, but I digress....

Steve12 said...

ON second thought, maybe you can use all of your effete liberal qualities to your advantage. Hear me out.

You can market yourself as a this odd duck; all of the bloodlust of the right mixed with a wine sipping, English degree (right?) having Eastern educated "intellectual". YOu shop at Whole Foods and sip lattes, but you hate brown people and read the Bell Curve.

See where I'm going here? You make your own niche. You possess the worst qualities of liberals AND white nationalists - why not make that your schtick? Get some round rimmed glasses and go for a Woodrow Wilson kind of look, talk in calm tones about wine or something, THEN hit 'em with the Hein - all the Muslims gotta go! Islam Island or dead.

Now, for the shocker: the Little Professor (i.e, you) will stand in the line that slits the throats of all the apprehended Muslim that went AWOL at the round up to be shipped to Islam Island. Men, women children - BRING IT!

You don't want to do it, of course - your "doing what must be done" as Garrison used to say. They're barbarians.

Steve12 said...

I thought I gave you this already? If you use the google function that only returns pages fro your domain, you can post your google page without any stray hits - it also won't miss anything.

Put this in: "lake mobegone"

And i will return this:

Steve12 said...

and IT will return this. I am not google.

Steve12 said...

Most of my suspicions about you confirmed. I was wrong about English, but I was close enough...

The humanities just seems to pump out poor critical thinkers. They need to do something to increase their rigor. When you folks aren't coming up with the sort of nonsense like this that you can't rationally defend, you're coming up with postmodernist science denial or some such.

You should work harder to stay anonymous, what with your positing that 1/5 of the worlds population is irredeemable and has to either "go away" (Islam Island) or die.

Egghead said...

Hey Steve,

Let's narrow the thesis: Muslims are an existential threat to clitorises.

Among other topics (like how the Muslim infiltration dynamic is simply copying the Jewish infiltration dynamic), Gates of Vienna came to a point of censoring my comments about the demonstrable Muslim threat to clitorises - which was very curious and disheartening since over half the world has clitorises - legitimately billions in this case!

Plenty of objective evidence supports my claim - and the Muslim 'War on Clitorises' (TM) both well and truly predates colonialism and modern Western meddling in Muslim lands.

The modern West needs to expel barbarous Islam so that (as the Muslim Obama would promise and renig):

If you like your clitoris, you can keep your clitoris.

P.S. I bet you're a real dick. Wink! :)

Steve12 said...

This is so great. Egghead made the same post to me on TWO different threads just so I wouldn't miss it..

Awwww...thanks Egghead! I 'm flattered.