Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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Ran into a snag with my podcast website, and am unusually busy of late.  In the meantime, a pause that refreshes:  Diana West's recent essay.

Her brief essay, glittering with verve like a searing sword, operates on two levels: it generally expresses her appropriately jaded, acerbic bird's eye view of the Problem of the Problem (i.e., the problem of the entire Western mainstream persisting in its myopia about the primary problem of Islam, with its head in the sand whilst standing lip-deep in the brown waters of De Nile; a feat of a mixed metaphor possible only for those who indulge in a mass neurosis and who thus sustain an incoherent paradigm).  And it focuses on one glaring symptom of this mass neurosis -- the dismaying devolution of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Hirsi Ali Warns the World Against... Geert Wilders

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More Voegelinian pneumopathology


Steve12 said...

"Ran into a snag with my podcast website, and am unusually busy of late."

So, you mean working out the technical details of having me on the podcast for a debate?

Steve12 said...

I am worried about synching the jam, but I'm also worried about pairing the tones....

You're a folky rhythm / acoustic player (see, I can be nice) and I think the best pairing tone I can provide is my PRS Hollow II through the modded GT Soul-o 75 for a lead tone. At first I thought Tele, but I think warmer might be better.


You wanna make the set list?

Steve12 said...

OK fine! I'll play the Tele!


Steve12 said...

I like your evidentiary standards, which is to simply site lists of atrocities by Muslims for...well, everything. But what about the OTHER list, which Western atrocities committed against Muslims?

Somehow, you don't keep that list. It;s inconvenient to your point, so you simply deny it.

In all fairness, there's not a newspaper article written about every Muslim cobbler, baker, toddler, etc that we've incinerated. Folks like you have ensured that Muslims are seen as sub-human, so we don't hear about the hell we've unleashed on the Muslim world.

But it's there if you care to look:


The estimates vary a but in the peer reviewed literature cited by this article, but the Wonderful West has killed b/w 1 and 2 MILLION Muslims in our fun ME wars. That's quite a list! And it doesn't count deaths brought about by sanctions (or of course andy of the political meddling).

But you'll ignore this and prattle on about how THEY are barbarians. It is, in a way, hilarious how the paragons of Western Civility can completely ignore the death of millions. Little kids, out playing at the park. Babies. Birthday parties. Weddings. People just trying to live in their house.

Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. But I guess they were killed by the Civilized West, so this is magically NOT barbarism.

Tell that to their families.

Steve12 said...

Good (if a little old) article talking about the disproportionality of Muslims being killed by Westerners. Turns out not only do I have my own list, but my list is ***100x*** longer than yours, using lower bound estimates.


You might argue that 100x is pretty steep. How's this? I'll divide this already lower bound estimate by 10.

My list is AT LEAST 10x longer than your list. Now, since the list length is the absolute measure, I've shown that Westerner are more barbaric than Muslims, but what to do? Ship them ti Westerner Island? Kill them all?

Egghead said...

The two joint ideologies that are competing to harm the most people are 1) Islam which has tortured and murdered the most people over time, and 2) Jewish designed and inflicted Communism which has tortured and murdered the most people in the quickest amount of time. Jews have been instrumental in applying and increasing the scope and effect both of these torturous and murderous ideologies to the great harm of Christians and to the continuing benefit of Jews.

In past Islamic empires, Jews worked very closely with Islamic governments 1) to neuter the ability of Christians to fight the depradations of Islam, and 2) to employ Christians as proxy fighters on behalf of Islam as administered by Jews. The Ottoman Empire used Janissaries, and some Christians would amputate a limb off of their own boys to make those boys unattractive to be kidnapped and made into boy soldiers. It is very telling that Jewish sons were exempted from being Janissaries.


We could talk about how Communist Russia - founded and administered by Jews - tortured and murdered millions of Christians, but let's cut straight to Diana West's American Betrayal which documents the extent of recent Communist infiltration of the government of the United States.

A legitimate argument can be made that it is Jews who have been directing USA foreign wars - and again using Christian soldiers as proxies - for a long long time right into present day.

So, Sir Knight of the Ignorant Dick of the Misplaced Jewsade against the West, you should direct your displeasure about USA foreign policy to your fellow Jews who have been busily implementing Oded Yinon's 1982 'Zionist Plan for the Middle East.'


As the Poles say, 'The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.' The world would be much improved if Jews would STOP using their intelligence to torture and genocide Christians and other peoples.

Steve12 said...

I do applaud your leaving these posts up, Hespy. Because anyone with any modicum of sense is going to say "What about the other list?"

Your silence speaks volumes. Your continuing to use your list in light of the evidence (as I assume you will), like nothing ever happened, is even worse.

So basically, you use the evidence that you "like". How rational.

Steve12 said...

I think it's funny that you keep writing to yourself Egghead, since I already said I'd only read personal stuff from you.

But knock yourself out. I assume you're alone and usually have to talk to yourself, masturbate, etc. Ya know, because of the Jews.

Have at it, but I ain't reading any of it....

Steve12 said...

Hesperado: crickets.

Well, any good theory usually stands up to no questioning or challenge. So you're right on target.

Hesperado said...

Steve12 said...

"my list is ***100x*** longer than yours"

How would Steve12 know that his list is longer than mine, when he doesn't even know what my list is?

Steve12 said...

"How would Steve12 know that his list is longer than mine, when he doesn't even know what my list is?"

This analysis says that for every Westerner Mulsims have killed, we've killed 100 Muslims:


There is the caveat that it's form 2009 (which I noted), but if one buys your claims of the immutable evil of Muslim, we can extrapolate a steady base rate from then.

I mean, if you're going to counter at least counter the actual claim. Unless maybe you have a special list that the military, academics, NGOs, economists, etc. do not have access to?


Your whole deal is this list, but it turns out that the list of barbarism of Westerners toward Muslims is 100 fold longer than the compliment.


Steve12 said...

Don't worry though; I'm not leaving until my conditions are met. I'll be here to counter your absurd and poorly researched / reasoned claims for any poor slobs who happen to come upon this sight.

I'm also in Seattle in late August / September though most of the time I'll be hiking the North Cascades. Would take some time to Podcast / Jam though!

yours in Christ (not really, I'm an atheist)


Hesperado said...

Notice that Steve12 in his July 2, 2017 5:16 PM response -- to my question of July 1, 2017 at 8:30 PM -- didn't answer my question; he only reiterated that his list is longer. He didn't say how he knows it's longer than my list, when he doesn't know what my list is (and thus doesn't know how long it is).

Steve12 said...

"He didn't say how he knows it's longer than my list, when he doesn't know what my list is (and thus doesn't know how long it is)."

Ironic considering you refuse to answer 90% of my points! You can't w/o admitting what an absolute fraud you are, so I get it...

That FP link is counting 100% of the Muslims killed by the West vs. 100% of the Westerners killed by Muslims.

So your list has broken mathematics as we know it and has > than 100%? I know you're a humanities guy, but you gotta be able to do the math on this one, right?

Steve12 said...

And may I also say...

This absurd coyness about your list is ridiculous. Let's see it. All of it. No excuses that it's too long or whatever nonsense I'm anticipating hearing form you.

Produce the list.

And with, some summary statistics? I'm assuming that since the list is the be-all / end-all piece of evidence that you have some statistical summaries for us.

And YES OR NO - have you assembled or tried to attain a compliment list in the same way that the FP link, or any of the peer reviewed literature in the report I linked above does? If not, why not?

You say I don't know your list length, but how do YOU know that your list is longer than the compliment list if you have not assembled one?

Any answers Erich? Dying to hear them out in Beantown.

Steve12 said...

I love how Hespy's response to legitimate criticism is to simply stop responding.

Sort of telling, ya know?

Egghead said...

Well, we can ALL agree on one fact, and it's that Mohammed's Muslims are definitively responsible for 100% of the clit cutting of defenseless little girls throughout time and now.

Steve12 said...

Egghead made a joke! Well, what passes for one for him /her (?)

Steve12 said...

You have to love the kind of people like Hespy and Egghead who can look into the innocent eyes of a Muslim or Jewish child and think they need to be imprisoned or killed.

Because, hey, that child's a barbarian. Not Hespy or Eggheaad, who want to literally kill children - they're not barbarians whose life is essentially dedicated to bloodlust. No - the CHILD is the barbarian, and the CHILD has to go away or die.

Because, ya know, the list.


Egghead said...

Hey Sir Knight of the Ignorant Dick of the Misplaced Jewsade against the West,

Muslims want to literally murder 100% of all clits in the world - Muslim clits, African clits, Hindu clits, Buddhist clits, Jewish clits, Christian clits, atheist clits - all clits are the same to them - and Muslims fight hard so that all little girls' clits will die as soon as possible.

In Muslim lands, Muslim mothers look into the innocent eyes of their own defenseless little daughters (and various captured sex slaves) and then brutally cut off the little girls' clits at the behest of and with the full approval of Muslim fathers (and sex slave owners).

In the West, Muslims are working hard to get 'modern' clitorectomies to be made an 'official' service - in order to be reimbursable under health services programs and insurance in Western medicine.

Anyone who supports Muslims (including various Jews supporting ISIS) is a part of the cowardly Clitoral Jihad (TM) conducted against 100% of little girls in the world.

Grown men attacking defenseless little girls and their clitorises is indeed barbaric behavior - whether those men are Muslims, Jews, or self-professed atheists.

On this Fourth of July, America stands for strong independent clits!

As long as Muslims run worldwide sex slave markets, Muslims will use the West as a supply chain for fresh clits to kill. The USA State Department has long known that rich and powerful Muslims kidnap beautiful Western girls to be sex slaves in Muslim nations.

Here's what Western girls need to worry about:


Here's what Muslim girls worry about:


Barbarians indeed!

Steve12 said...

To summarize Egghead's point:

Blah blah blah, blah I'm alone because of the Jews blah blah blah blah I would have been a success if not for the Jews blah blah....

Egghead said...

Hey Sir Knight of the Ignorant Dick of the Misplaced Jewsade against the West (TM),

Whatcha got against defenseless little girls' clits that makes you want to 'support' Muslims who cut those clits off whenever and wherever they're able?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Clits 'R Us (TM)