Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Western Colonialism and Jihad


Recently on Jihad Watch there was a report that may be relevant to a 2008 essay I published here, Islam Redivivus and Western Colonialism.  That essay dealt with interesting implications that Western Colonialists (or at least some of them) consciously tried to limit the ability of Muslims under their widespread administration from networking with other Muslims in distant locations -- perhaps because they (the Western Colonialists) understood that Muslims have a cultural inclination and apparatus for trans-national networking in order to foment jihad rebellion.

The Jihad Watch report notes:

Egyptian historian: Occupiers “tried to secularize Islam, and thus to eliminate the notion of Jihad from Islam”

Again, this is interesting, though inconclusive.  It would be an excellent Master's or doctoral dissertation topic for some budding history student; though in our time, in thrall as it is to the Great Inhibition, such an open-minded student would be hard pressed to find any faculty willing to mentor him in this endeavor.

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