Sunday, July 23, 2017

A sunbreak of sense "in the counter-jihad", part 2

In part 1, I commended Baron Bodissey of the Gates of Vienna blog for writing an analytical meditation on the Problem of the Problem that went against the grain of the CJM mainstream.  This secondary problem is the problem of the entire mainstream West stubbornly resisting a comprehensive wake-up call about the primary problem, Islam.  Bodissey's essay went against the grain by avoiding any one or platter combination of the usual scapegoats (those Dastardly Elites, those Damned Leftists-cum-Marxists, those Sinister Globalists, the Mainstream Media, Corrupt Politicians, etc.), who are supposed to be the "real problem" behind and beneath the problem of Islam. What these "Real Problemers" are doing, in effect, is reversing the roles of the primary and secondary problem.

Bodissey's avoidance appropriately left the readers hanging in suspense, with a conclusion of sober dismay imbued with agnosticism.  Agnostic about what, exactly?  About why it is that the entire mainstream West (which includes the majority of Ordinary People) remains stubbornly myopic to the problem of Islam.

I predicted that the unusually high volume of comments there (over 160 at last count) would all reflect the "Real Problemer" syndrome.  Well, many did, of course, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  There were other instances of similar silliness -- several commenters, for example, with a straight counter-jihad face defending the proposition that Geert Wilders should not have been elected (one of Bodissey's excellent points was the dismaying trend of The People throughout the West electing, and re-electing, PC MC politicians). These demurrers evidently don't believe the problem of Islam is threatening our Western civilization.

However, not one of the commenters seemed to have registered Bodissey's crux (or "core"): that the Problem of the Problem is much deeper and broader than some Dastardly Cabal of Elites holding our West in thrall as they steer us toward a future Caliphate. Whatever its nature is, we cannot fully explain; but any explanation will have to integrate the dismaying fact that most Ordinary People throughout the West and its satellites, on all sides of the political and social spectrum, remain PC MC about Islam.  At that point, unless the counter-jihadist can show proof that his Dastardly Elites of Choice have a Master Ray-Gun of Brainwashing beaming out rays from their secret Bond-Villain mountain-cave lair causing the vast majority of Ordinary People throughout the West to think and feel this way, he must scrap his Elitistics altogether and go back to the drawing board.

He may also, if he can find a few minutes from his busy schedule of feverishly ranting & railing against said Elites, consult a few of my essays over the years in which I've explored this bedeviling problem, this problem of the problem. And of course, this secondary problem is so broad and deep throughout the West, it cannot but have seeped into the counter-jihad as well -- thus, the problem of the problem of the problem, with its major form or symptom being what I call the "Counter-Jihad Mainstream".

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