Thursday, July 27, 2017

Qualitative vs. Quantitative
It's not really "versus".  It's a distinction between these two dimensions pertaining to data.

I was expecting to expatiate on this via a podcast, but I'm still weighing whether I want to pay money just to do podcasts.  In the meantime, I'll compose an essay (this one) on this.

Nutshell punch line:  The quantitative list of horrors perpetrated by Muslims is not merely a quantitative enumeration of incidents; it also has a qualitative dimension.  We could have a dry list of "Islamic terror attacks" and if we only list the sheer number of those killed, it would have less impact than if we deepened our information with further details.

What is that qualitative dimension?

Well, I'm glad you asked, Pepe.

First off, on the most basic level, the qualitative dimension is aroused by the sheer volume of the quantity.  So the mere numbers do matter.  If our list of Muslim atrocities only had, say, 17 items for the past 100 years, it wouldn't pack much punch, comprende?  Luckily (black humor here), we have thousands (for it is only reasonable to count also all the foiled attempts by Muslims to perpetrate terror). And not only do we have a horrific shitload, but the quantity is increasing, perhaps exponentially (since these are not inanimate events of climate or geology, nor are they the kind of anthropological stats that over a long arc of time balance out to an overall steady state of stability, despite temporary spikes and dips; such as, for example, the incidence of bank robberies or carjackings).

Secondly, the qualitative dimension of the quantitative list of Muslim atrocities includes the factor of ghoulishness -- beheadings, burning alive, horrendous tortures, multiple stabbings, genital mutilations, etc., ad Islamonauseam.

For example, that in the attacks on Paris in 2015, the Muslim attackers not only wantonly slaughtered the men and women in the audience of the Bataclan theater, they also took time out to torture them, including sexual mutilation.  That's not just a mass murder, it's a ghoulish mass murder.

One supposes torture ipso facto is ghoulish; but not necessarily.  Some tortures are less ghoulish than others.  For example, when the U.S. government waterboarded terrorists, that was less ghoulish than when Muslims in various Islamic countries drill into the prisoner's eardrum, or insert red-hot iron needles into eyeballs or up anuses; and so forth.

A third qualitative factor would be the ferocious fanaticism of Mohammedans.  For example, just to pluck two examples from a fez of thousands one could cite in this regard, in the two terror attacks in Kenya in 2016, when not only did the Muslims go around shooting people dead and torturing them, they also put guns to their heads asking them Islamic questions (if they answered incorrectly, they would get a bullet in their head),  In addition, the mass-murderers took prayer breaks to pray one of their five Islamic prayers in the middle of their terror attack, before resuming their torturing and killing.

I could cite hundreds of such examples from the Islamic jihad that has been steadily unfolding in the past 50 years (let alone just the past 15).

Another feature or facet of the qualitative is the systemic nature of the problem -- the mainstream Islamic motivation, the religious-cultural matrix that nourishes and guides it, the industrious global networking, and the grand goal, commanded by their God, of conquering the entire earth.  This cluster of facets requires immersion in the data to appreciate (i.e., a long time of study), a capacity for dot-connection, and an open-minded freedom from PC MC.


With all the qualitiative factors together -- the sheer volume of atrocities, the ghoulishness, the ferocious fanaticism, and the systemic nature binding and galvanizing the whole vortex -- amplifying our quantitative lists of Mohammedan atrocities, Islam becomes recognizable as a uniquely appalling and dangerous ideology, with no other religion or ideology even coming close in our time.


Egghead said...

Note: I have omitted to listen to your podcasts. I like to read better.

Excellent essay - until your very last line which contains a great big whopper of a lie - which your own subconscious seems to recognize through your use of the word 'no' which the subconscious reportedly fails to recognize.

When you claim that 'no other religion or ideology is as appalling or dangerous as Islam,' you whitewash quite a few other past and present appalling and dangerous ideologies.

First, the 'noble savage' religions throughout the world have been quite appalling and dangerous with a gamut running from large scale human sacrifice to cannabalism.

Second, more 'civilized' religions have employed and enjoyed accusations of witchcraft - used to torture and murder inconvenient people - mostly women.

Third, Islam has been stuck in its sad corridor of the world until Jewish people - as a committed group project - have inflicted Muslims on all of the halls of the white Christian West. How tragic that the self-proclaimed 'smartest' people in the world appear to enjoy the desire and reality to torture and mutilate and genocide non-Jews.

Fourth, Satanists are easily as appalling and dangerous as Islamists.

Fifth, Communists have been in a race with Islamists as to which group can torture and murder the most people - with Islamists having a head start, but Communists (under immense Jewish influence) having the 'brains' to murder the most people in the shortest amount of time.

Main point: Democide is a very real threat to all peoples in all times.

Egghead said...

Hey Fruit and Flower, Here's my question: What did 'Mooch' do at the import/export bank? Maybe a Rothchild just wanted 'Mooch' gone from there to facilitate that up-and-coming one world currency....

Signed, The bug in the bed (good one)

Egghead said...

Oops! Rothschild.

Egghead said...

Ah yes! Chief Strategy Officer of the Export-Import Bank appears to be the job from which Mooch was really fired.

Egghead said...

Meh, I read somewhere that Mooch asked to keep his job at the Export-Import Bank (and was told no) when he was 'hired' as the White House Communications Director.

Then, NY Mag said that the Wall Street Journal said that Mooch was expected to keep his job at the Export-Import Bank.

But, the NY Post said that the White House said that Mooch has NO role at this time in the Trump administration, so inquiring minds want to know what Mooch discovered, did, or threatened at the Export-Import Bank that got Mooch swiftly ejected from the bank (in a way that Trump used to his benefit to fire Priebus).

P.S. Crypto-Jew Trump is quite responsible for his own administration. To be clear, Trump calls Jared Kushner his son - NOT son-in-law, but son.

Yours, A 'toxic' bug in the bed (Hi Mom!)

Egghead said...

Minders here, minders there, minders, minders, in the air....

I wonder if anyone but me ever noticed that SBPDL keeps a kosher schedule. That, plus I commented once (here I think) about the oddity that no one on SBPDL ever mentioned Islam - and poof a rather tepid anti-Islam comment or two appeared along with a follow-on site minder comment informing everyone that they needn't worry their pretty little heads talking about Islam on SBPDL. Then, there were my few bland comments which were omitted to be published until it became too obvious that I was banned by someone on the backside - and poof one comment was published.

Minders, minders - everywhere - like flocks of 'toxic' Monarch butterflies....

Egghead said...

And right on cue, let's all talk about the 'toxicity' of cobalt:

The very rich and powerful (mainly Islamic but others too) people who own the oil must be thrilled to convey the toxicity of cobalt.

And, vast areas 'contaminated' by cobalt 'bombs' (etc.) sure will make a convenient excuse to herd the plebes into large pens a la a re-packaged Agenda 21.

Egghead said...

I believe Sharyl, based on my own very recent personal experience with whomever is reading and 'reacting to' my comments.