Friday, September 01, 2017

"Plunging necklines", a perennial Islamic fashion... 

A few days ago, I posted an essay here on the perennial Islamic phenomenon of inghimas -- a style or tactic of Qital ("physically violent combat") whereby the mujaheed (the Muslim who wages jihad -- and what Muslim does not wage jihad, once we expand the definition of that word appropriately?) -- "plunges" into the enemy in order to kill as many of the enemy as he can before then getting killed himself, thereby, in the deadly-serious game of Mohammonoponoly, getting the Go Straight to Paradise, Do Not Pass Go card.

Much of that essay was a list (quite incomplete, as any list of Mohammedan atrocities invariably is) of incidents mostly in the West in recent years where various & sundry Muslims suddenly start stabbing people in public places. 

Since posting that essay, I've seen reports of more incidents of this same inghimas phenomenon:

France: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” stabs two people to death at Marseille train station

Edmonton: Muslim rams police car, stabs officer, rams car into pedestrians, ISIS flag found in car

Belgium: Knife-wielding Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” threatens to kill train passengers

And see, for example, this Jihad Watch report with further internal links of Muslims stabbing people in public.

Or how about this: Man yelling 'Allahu Akbar' shot and killed after attacking police with machete in Belgium

Or:  UK man with machete attacks two cops outside Buckingham Palace.  Just a "man"?  Oh wait:  He was yelling "Allahu Akbar".

Or:  Sweden: Police officer stabbed in the neck in busy square in Stockholm -- which on further research, we learn, were Moroccan youths: "Police source: Moroccan street children knife the police at Medborgarplatsen". 

Which makes us wonder about another incident in Sweden:

“BREAKING NEWS: Swedish police officer stabbed in the neck in a busy square in Stockholm,” by Gareth Davies, Mailonline, August 31, 2017:

GÖTEBORG A man in the 60's was knife cut at Drottningtorget in Gothenburg on Friday morning. Now the deceased is being investigated as a suspected hate crime, writes GP. According to the police's website, the incident occurs just before eleven o'clock. A man walks around and blows with a knife and then blows another man at Drottningtorget.  Thanks to attentive witnesses, the knife man can be caught nearby. When grabbed he has a knife in his bag. The man is now suspected of attempting to drop or gross abuse.Gothenburg Post has talked with a witness saying that the man yelled "everyone in Jehovah's Witnesses should die" in connection with his attack. According to investigative investigator Christina Corneliusson, the police are investigating whether there is a hatred motive for the deceased.The knife-cut man is at the age of 60 and must have been crushed in the cheek. However, his injuries should not be serious.The grabbed man is at the age of 45. Police say that the rapid arrest probably prevented more acts of violence.


Egghead said...

Look who's in the clit fan club (at the very end):

Anonymous said...

Robert Spencer today at Jihad Watch:

While in reality there is no single Muslim authority who can proclaim what is “authentic” Islam, and thus it would be prudent not to make sweeping statements about what “authentic Islam” actually is, clearly there are many Muslims who believe that authentic Islam is inherently violent and not a “Religion of Peace."

This explains what some Jihad Watchers have been wondering about for years. Why does Spencer refuse to make general statements unequivocally condemning Islam? Is he being somehow politically strategic rather than sincere? Apparently not. He is trying to be objective and carefully epistemological.

Hesperado said...

Spencer seems to be indulging in sophistry there (as he has done before in this context): "no single" is the crucial part of his quote. There may be "no single" Muslim authority, but there is a Muslim authority -- the ulama of every Muslim region who together attend the annual meetings of the O.I.C. Just because Islam doesn't have "heads" (or a "single head") like Western hierarchies do, and just because Islam has distractingly complex & confusing diversity, doesn't mean they don't have an overarching, unifying authority.