Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A conversation about the "problem of the problem" over at Gates of Vienna


It's rare for any Gates of Vienna article to have more than 10 or 20 comments; so when we see 152 comments (on an essay by the owner of the blog, Baron Bodissey, titled "The Core Problem, Again"), it's significant. It shows that what I have called the "Gates of Vienna Circle" is quite interested in this topic -- for the wrong reasons.

The way Bodissey frames the issue, it sounds hearteningly similar to what I've been hammering home for years here (and there and everywhere):

The core problem is not the invaders and the violent Third World masses. The core problem is not even the white traitors who deliberately, proactively import them. 

The core problem is the fact that a large proportion of the productive white native English-speaking population assents via the ballot box to what is happening, over and over again. Willingly, even eagerly. With pride in their own virtue for putting these corrupt criminal traitors in charge. 

THAT is the core problem. Until it is addressed and dealt with, nothing will change significantly. The bus will continue its trajectory over the cliff.

While his first sentence leaves a little to be desired (no mention of Muslims, and an expansion to an amorphous "Third World masses" as though non-Muslim Third Worlders even come close to presenting as comparable a threat to the West as Muslims do), and while the rhetoric implies that our "white traitors" are a worse problem than Muslims (which I strongly disagree with), it can be another way to put the fact that the problem of the problem, by perpetually obstructing any way to manage the primary problem of which it is the secondary problem, is on a certain pragmatic level, worse.

What completes the apparent similarity between Bodissey's stance and mine is that he's not fixating on the Dastardly Elites (as the Civilians, and quite a few of the Leadership, of the Counter-Jihad Mainstream tend to do), and he rather shines a spotlight on The Ordinary People for continually renewing (and doing nothing to hinder) the sociopolitical power of their elites.  Part and parcel with this salutary refocus, Bodissey isn't (at least not here) falling for the deeper Real Problemer claim that, in effect, all aspects of democracy are a sham and illusion because the Dastardly Elites hold all the power in their greedy, evil hands as they cackle with sinister glee in the smoky back rooms of their Elite Underground Lairs.

I commended Bodissey when he did this the first time around he wrote "The Core Problem" (hence the "Again" of this most recent installment, a part 2), in an essay I published here back in July, A sunbreak of sense "in the counter-jihad".

I had a couple of subsequent misgivings about Bodissey, as I noticed him revert back into his perhaps baseline reflex, the Real Problemer framework that conceives of the problem of the problem as one of a Dastardly Cabal of Elites who, due to their pernicious power over all of us, are the "real problem", of which the problem of Islam is, or -- for the Soft Conspiracy Theorists -- might as well be, a "false flag" (or at the very least, an ultimately harmless distraction).  These misgivings were most clearly articulated in my essay a month later, Forecast for the foreseeable future: Overcast.

I don't know what to make of Bodissey's apparent flip-flopping on this. Either he's being incoherent, or there is some "safety valve" in his framework that allows him to seem to diverge from the Real Problemer viewpoint when he's really not.

At any rate, the comments field to this latest installment provides us a glimpse into how some of the Civilians of the Counter-Jihad (either Mainstream or the free-floating debris around it) weigh in on this most important issue.  And as with his previous installment, Bodissey interjects some responses here and there to some of the commenters.

My prediction, before I read through them, is that, like the last time, at least 98% of them will be Real Problemer.

See part 2.

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