Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Repeating myself...


I've written so many essays on this blog over the years (the first one was published on July 11, 2006), with a total thus far, eleven years later, of 1,374, that I've lost track of how often I've reiterated a limited set of critical talking points.

So many essays are piled up on this mountain heap, I more often than not forget what I've written, or forget that I've already argued long ago -- sometimes better -- a point I'm laboring with in the present.  It also hits me nearly every time I comb (or go on a leisurely stroll) through my archives that I've been hitting my head against, not so much a wall, as the starboard port door on board this Titanic of a West we're all on.

Id est, I could easily hang up my hat now, confident in the knowledge that I've pretty much analyzed the Three Problems every which way but loose, and several times over to boot.

One summation I wrote a year ago, as good as any I've written (and no doubt one of nearly a hundred over the years):

Is this the only choice?  Either Stupidity or a Conspiracy Theory?

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