Sunday, November 05, 2017

Confessions of an Oxymoron...

Robert Spencer's new book is titled Confessions of an Islamophobe -- meaning he is proudly owning the term even though he realizes it's a silly neologism whose function is to shut down inquiry into the seamier side of Islam by labeling the critic as something radioactive in our Western culture dominated as it is by political correctness.

It would be safe to say that this book is, among other things (many of them useful),  Spencer's latest attempt to brand himself as a staunchly no-nonsense critic of Islam.  To his slavish acolytes, of course, he need not lift a littler finger in this regard to demonstrate his bona fides.

However, to my knowledge, he has never repudiated the solemn statements he made some ten years ago.  To wit:

I am not “anti-Islam”. (Robert Spencer, in a Jihad Watch article, June 27, 2007)

A few years later, he also for good measure added:

I am not “anti-Muslim,” as I have stated many times. It is not “anti-Muslim” to stand for human rights for all people, including Muslims… (Robert Spencer, in a Jihad Watch article, September 17, 2011)

Now, it's understandable, if you're a typical Counter-Jihad Civilian who has not yet undergone the paradigm shift from a focus merely on Islam to a focus on both Islam and Muslims, that you would find no fault at all in your Fearless Leader saying he's "not anti-Muslim".

Indeed, when recently Spencer was selling his book in a Jihad Watch posting, he made the following visionary declaration:

I want a society in which women, Jews, Christians, gays, secular liberals, and secular Muslims can live freely and without fear of being brutalized, victimized, or denied basic rights. [bold emphasis added]

And, needless to say, of the commenters on that thread, the only readers even mentioning the egregious quote were 3 -- and all 3 approved of the sentiment.

But come on now -- a Counter-Jihad luminary seriously insisting he's "not anti-Islam"...!!??

That's more befitting of the Twilight Zone than our increasingly grim reality as our West continues to placate and facilitate Muslims in their expansion into our world.  And it should be a hard pill to swallow from even the softest Counter-Jihadists (never mind the less soft, including all those who vehemently assert they are oh-so tough on Islam) who haven't yet quite melted into a liquefied pool of Daniel-Pipesian nougat.

And, naturally, none of the Civilians in the Counter-Jihad Mainstream have even noticed this, or even know about it (and even if they found out, most of them wouldn't care).

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