Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The Jihad of Criminality (example #148,327)

Above is a map of no-go zones in France.  As the blog The Conservative Paper notes:  They go by the euphemistic term Zones Urbaines Sensibles, or Sensitive Urban Zones, with the even more antiseptic acronym ZUS, and there are 751 of them as of last count.

A little over a year ago, Jihad Watch reported an incident that on the surface seems like petty thuggery or criminality; but which on deeper reflection we must reasonably assume is just one of myriad, diverse ways in which Muslims are increasingly flexing their jihad in our societies -- one of thousands of reports over the years on Robert Spencer's website (not to mention on other sites, including various European ones) indicating that the problem is not merely Islam, but also Muslims, even though he doggedly, albeit elliptically, continues to deny this:

France: Muslims launch “incredibly violent” attack against two couples because the women were wearing shorts

While Spencer was just following the lead of the Telegraph article he was relaying, it turns out that deeper digging by French media uncovered this interesting detail, according to one of the chief victims of the Mohammedan attack:

“No one had shorts [on].  This is not what triggered the episode of gratuitous violence we suffered on Friday.”

Her description of that disturbing, terrorizing day:

We were having a family outing; we were returning from spending two hours roller-skating (for the gals) and cycling (for the guys). At a stoplight crossing, a youth verbally accosted me: "Hey, you're going around naked!"  I didn't understand. Then he addressed my sister: "Hey, you're nice!"

My sister was in a jogging suit, and I was wearing leggings with  knee-high socks, knee pads, elbow pads, and a cap. No shorts.

 My husband told him to mind his manners when speaking to us, that we are ladies. The youth -- who was with some other youths who were drinking and smoking joints retorted scornfully:  "These aren't ladies, they're whores!"

The French media source, Le Point, then noted:

The two young women were then jostled [by the youths] and their male companions, when they tried to intervene, were beaten with blows upon blows.

The female victim's testimony resumed:

I saw my husband on the ground, unconscious.  The youths were escalating, using barbed wire to strike our men.  My brother-in-law had intervened to put himself between.  There were a dozen that jumped him, to beat him.  You could see his head bouncing all over the place."

French text:

"Personne n'était en short. Ce n'est pas ce qui a déclenché la scène de violence gratuite que nous avons subie dimanche".

"Nous étions en famille. Nous revenions de deux heures de balade en roller (pour les filles) et à vélo (pour les garçons). Au niveau d'un feu, un jeune m'a interpellé: +Mets-toi toute nue!+. Je n'ai pas compris. Puis il s'est adressé à ma soeur: +Toi, t'es jolie+".

"Ma soeur était en jogging, et moi j'étais en leggings avec des chaussettes montantes, des genouillères, des coudières et une casquette. Pas de shorts".

"Mon mari lui a indiqué de mieux nous parler. Que nous étions des madames. L'individu qui était avec d'autres jeunes en train de boire et de fumer des joints a répondu en narguant: +C'est pas des madames, mais des putes+".

Les deux jeunes femmes sont alors bousculées et leurs compagnons sont tour à tour roués de coups en tentant de s'interposer.

"Je voyais mon mari au sol. Inconscient. Les gars prenaient de l'élan avec les grillages pour continuer à le frapper. Mon beau-frère est intervenu pour s'interposer. Ils étaient une dizaine sur lui. A le frapper. On voyait sa tête partir dans tous les sens".

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