Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Muslim academic in the West (i.e., a canny liar) was reported on Jihad Watch, as analyzed by Cinnamon Stillwell, to have argued the following:

“Speaking to a largely middle-aged crowd of about twenty [at Harvard University], Zia-Ebrahimi contended that both The Protocols of the Elders of Zion—a Czarist forgery published circa 1903 alleging that Jews were plotting world domination—and Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis—a 2005 book by Bat Ye’or declaring the demographic and political transformation of Europe into “Eurabia”—employ conspiracy-theories that incite hatred for Jews and Muslims, respectively.

“In his introduction, Zia-Ebrahimi credited the late Columbia University professor Edward Said with having originated this link by comparing Orientalism to anti-Semitism. Acknowledging that the “Israel-Palestine conflict” has “cast a long shadow on these discussions,” Zia-Ebrahimi advocated viewing anti-Semitism and “Islamophobia” as “manifestations of racism” in order to transcend these “divisions.” He described one camp as having “a tendency to be friendly to the state of Israel” and a “problem with Islamophobia,” while the other considers “Israel a colonial state” and believes in “Islamophobia.” The way to overcome these differences, he reasoned, is “to show that Jews and Muslims have been racialized.”

The bolded part is the money quote.  Zia-Ebrahimi is correct that Jews and Muslims have been “racialized” -- but not in the way he's trying to spin it.  Indeed, it's the mirror-image opposite, through the funhouse hall-of-mirrors distortion of Islamic taqiyya in unwitting collusion with the PC MC of mainstream Western Useful Idiocy.

Here's how the actual “racialization” has occurred:  Muslims have become the #1 Ethnic Minority in the world; which means they enjoy the dynamics exposed & analyzed by Lawrence Auster in his “First Law of Majority-Minority Relations” -- further clarified by me.

Meanwhile, Jews have become racialized in the opposite direction, so to say, to become “Honorary Whites” -- that is, part of the only world community responsible for all evils of the world.  (The supreme irony that so many Jews participate in this distortion by their infection with Leftism only completes the travesty.)

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