Saturday, January 20, 2018

An "Alt Counter-Jihad"? The case of Faith Goldy. Part 1: Notes/Questions

This first part is just a series of notes and questions to ponder before we get into the meat of the matter in Part 2 -- the meat of the matter revolving around the recent reaction of certain people against Faith Goldy, a former reporter for Ezra Levant's broadcasting venue, The Rebel Media.

The "Alt Right" remains amorphous with fuzzy definition.

There seems to be a line between those who would be in it but who tend to indulge an asymptotic anxiety about being associated with the "wrong" types of fellow Alt-Righters.

There do indeed seem to be wrong types of Alt Righters ("wrong" defined as genuinely racist and neo-Nazi -- not a definition without problems).

Complications: Is Faith Goldy "Counter-Jihad"? Are the people who ostracized her -- Jordan Peters, Ezra Levant of The Rebel Media, and Gad Saad -- "Counter-Jihad"?  Or are they more concerned/consumed by matters "Alt Right" (feminism, the SJWs, Black Lives Matter, etc.) and only peripherally interested in the problem of Islam?

There seems to be a twilight area of the Counter Jihad inhabited by people who partially agitate Counter-Jihad issues, but they seem to spend much or most of their time on matters more amorphously broad ("Alt Right" or vaguely anti-SJW, etc.).

And is the Jihad Watch team (by passive extension for approvingly publishing Ezra Levant but not Faith Goldy) able to skate by in this regard?

In addition, there seems to dominate in the Counter-Jihad Mainstream a tacit consensus to agree with Ezra Levant, Jordan Peterson, and Gad Saad, to share the same fastidious fear of the cooties transmitted by people like Faith Goldy -- hence the relevance of the new category of the "Counter-Jihad Mainstream".

Does this all portend the need (if not the inevitability) of a breakaway "Alt Counter Jihad" one of whose motivations is being fed up with the incoherent hypocrisy of the Counter-Jihad Mainstream -- part of which involves the inability to roundly condemn Islam itself (rather than "political Islam") and all Muslims, and to stop fretting about cooties defined ultimately by the broader Western PC MCs?

See Part 2...

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