Sunday, February 21, 2021

...vivre, alors, est-ce courir à sa perte?

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Holy mackerel.

It's time for my anniversary posting again.  Re-reading my last one published on February 21 of 2020, I got an eerie feeling -- because two monstrous Elephants in the room were left unmentioned:  The traumatically protracted saga of Trump Derangement Syndrome climaxing in the first palace coup in United States history (or second, if one insists on counting JFK's defeat of Nixon in 1960).

The other is the C word.

I left them unmentioned a year ago today because in that comparatively halcyon day they hadn't yet devolved into the fuller, nerve-rattling catastrophes they have since become with the benefit (or curse) of time.

This isn't the place to get into those two grotesque devolutions. If the reader cares to delve more deeply into my various eructations on them over these months, he and/or she can browse through my Twitter page (make sure you also click on "Tweets and replies") going back many moons.  Also my postings from my other blog, The Daily Decaf, particularly from 2020 to the present (not many in the last couple of months, though, I'm afraid).

Other than that, is there really much left to say. . .?  We may, we suppose, only take the pause of a sober cigarette break here on this ledge above the traffic of a world again in crisis in the shadow of a growing totalitarian cancer, and regard honestly the bleak present we're all living through as 2021 staggers onto the stage of this century.
A bleak present showing no signs of relief in the near future, facing instead a future of unfolding Western fascism barrelling ahead in the name of social justice, diversity, and a hyperventilatingly panic-mongering, obsessive-compulsive anxiety about "safety" from a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate after infection.  It's almost as if we're living in a Netflix or Amazon Prime dystopic sci-fi movie (and not a very good one -- 2-1/2 stars at best) where over the months we have been learning slowly, numbingly, bewilderingly how to make do after a race of weirdly meddling aliens invaded Planet Earth back in March of 2020 to occupy Earth and turn us into slaves while promising to protect us...

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