Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Hesperado’s Guiding Theme

1) The modern West is superior to all other cultures and civilizations in world history.

2) The descriptor “superior” does not mean “supreme”, nor does it mean “perfect”. It simply means better, in some meaningfully overall sense.

3) The modern West developed out of Christendom—which, in turn, developed out of the Classical Graeco-Roman West. Just as the Classical West was not obliterated by the new synthesis of Christendom, but was assimilated by it, so too the modern West has not risen upon the ashes of its Judaeo-Christian past, but is a beneficent, organic development out of that past.

4) The modern West is currently threatened by two nebulas:

a) an Islam Redivivus, and

b) an anti-Western pathology of Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism that is, paradoxically, itself Western in origin as well as in continuing expression.

This blog, The Hesperado, is predicated upon the hope that the West can recover the rationality of its Graeco-Roman and Judaeo-Christian roots in time to dismantle
Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism sufficiently in order to deal with the dangers of Islam. Often I struggle with a sense of desperation that the West is doomed, but nevertheless I hold on to the hope that it will prevail. Who knows, there might come a day when I announce in an essay here that I have given up hope. Every day that I encounter fellow Westerners responding with irrationally silly, morally bankrupt, and dangerously reckless respect for Muslims and their Islam, I move that much closer to abandoning hope. And yet, I continue to hold on to a tenuous filament connecting me to the greatness of the West. I hope that my hope will have been worth it.

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