Wednesday, April 09, 2008

“Dresden Bombing” link restored

For many moons now, Ive had a link on this blogs front page (upper right) Dresden Bombingthat was supposed to take the reader to a historical report prepared by the United States Air Force.

Yesterday, I tested the link and found it to be a dud, so I emailed the USAF history department, and within a few hours, they emailed the entire report to me.

I am happy now to restore that link to the upper right of the front page of The Hesperado.

The USAF report dispels a good deal of the PC revisionist history about the Dresden bombings, which in turn has been one thread in the anti-Western, anti-American tapestry of PC MC that has been woven over the years.

Our resolve to do what had to be done in WW2which included the fire-bombings of Dresden and other German and Japanese cities (as well as the more famous atom-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki)however tragic were the innocent casualties and destruction of infrastructure we wreaked, is a resolve we seem to have lost in the face of a more inveterate, more implacable, more fanatical, more dangerous foe than confronted us over half a century ago.

It is not, however, the resolve we have lost: it is a new framework we have picked up along the wayPolitically Correct Multi-Culturalism (PC MC)that hinders the resolve we still possess. This new framework, dominant and mainstream throughout the West, effectively nullifies the resolve, and the guts and brains that we never lost, by obstructing our rational awareness and analysis of the identity of our newand very oldEnemy.


shedrifts said...

I don't miss a day reading your blog. You are such a prolific writer. A genius.


Erich said...

Thanks hon, I appreciate your support very much.