Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Rage and the Pride

Re: this news story:

NEW YORK, N.Y. — A New York City cabbie who operates an extremist Islamic anti-American Web site that features violent images—including mocking the deaths of GIs in Iraq—says he’s doing the country a service by “exposing the truth.”

Yousef al-Khattab, who runs RevolutionMuslim.com from his home in Queens, told FOX News that he also wants the U.S. to embrace Islam and Sharia Law, which prohibits alcohol and can include stoning to death or severe flogging for pre-marital sex and adultery.

On any given day, log on to al-Khattab's site and a host of startling images appear:

• The Statue of Liberty, with an ax blade cutting through her side;

• Video mocking the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl, entitled "Daniel Pearl I am Happy Your Dead :) ";

• Video of a puppet show lampooning U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq;

• The latest speech from Sheikh Abdullah Faisal, an extremist Muslim cleric convicted in the UK and later deported for soliciting the murder of non-Muslims.

Even more surprising is that al-Khattab runs his site from his home in Queens, New York.

And, because al-Khattab enjoys the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, all the authorities can do is watch.

The 39-year-old New York taxi driver launched RevolutionMuslim.com with the mission of “preserving Islamic culture,” “calling people to the oneness of God” and asking them to “support the beloved Sheik Abdullah Faisal, who’s preaching the religion of Islam and serving as a spiritual guide.”

In 2003, Faisal was convicted in the U.K. for spreading messages of racial hatred and urging his followers to kill Jews, Hindus and Westerners. In sermon recordings played at his trial, Faisal called on young, impressionable Muslims to use chemical weapons to “exterminate unbelievers” and “cut the throat of the Kaffars [nonbelievers] with [a] machete.”

Authorities believe Faisal’s sermons have influenced 2005 London transport bomber Germaine Lindsay and "shoe bomber" Richard Reid, who attended mosques where Faisal preached.

Al-Khattab claims the Sept. 11 terror attacks were an “inside job,” and he blames U.S. foreign policy for spawning the terrorism that carried out the attacks.

He calls Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and beheaded in 2002 by Islamic extremists in Pakistan, “a convicted spy.”

“I could care less about Daniel Pearl,” al-Khattab said in an interview with FOXNews.com. “I’m happy to see that he’s gone.”


In a sane world, a mob of New Yorkers, colorfully diverse reflecting the demographically wonderful stir-fry of the city, would hunt this miscreant ghoul down on his day off, drag him off his computer chair and out of his hovel at high noon, beat him senseless in the middle of the street to the cheers of fellow citizens and under the approving gaze of a few of NYPD’s finest, revive him with smelling salts, march him to an ATM machine so he can withdraw enough money for a plane ticket to some Islamic hellhole, and see him off at the airport.


Nobody said...

This guy is also the founder of the group Jews for Allah!

One more exhibit in that long list of Muslim converts who have taken to Jihad - as though they could possibly have done anything else

Nobody said...

Khattib's interviewed by Alan Colmes

Erich said...

Alan Colmes should not interview him. He should ambush him in the studio, render him immobile with duct tape, and beat him with whatever implement is handy in the television studio.

Nobody said...

Done deal. Besides, Colmes, aside from being a Liberal Multi-Culturalist, is a major apologist for Islam (uses the tu Quoque Bible analogies), Palis and a general sympathizer of Muslims as a result of being anti-Bush.

Kab-bin-Ashraf said...


You recommend that people carry out vigilante violence on some jihadist loud-mouth. I definitely do not support your suggestion. If the guy is doing anything illegal the appropriate action is to contact the appropriate authorities.