Sunday, August 02, 2009

Auster’s Insufficiency and Incoherence

On his blog today, Lawrence Auster once again criticizes Robert Spencer for both his incoherence and his insufficiency, and also quotes at length from another blogger (Kidist Paulos Asrat) who ably does the same thing.

Of course, those who know me and my previous blog Jihad Watch Watch, know that I too have expended much time and energy critiquing Spencer for these faults in dozens of detailed analyses.

However, while Auster is correct about Spencer, Auster himself is insufficient and incoherent on this very same issue, though largely in ways subtly distinct from those of Spencer.

For example, Auster writes:

While he may mention immigration restrictions and other anti-Islamization policies from time to time, he has no serious interest in advancing practical measures to stop and roll back the Islamic tide in the West.

In a couple of previous essays, I have analyzed how Auster’s proposals also suffer from insufficiency and incoherence:

An Iron Veil

The Explanatory Vacuum: Spencer and Auster

And in the following couple of essays, I analyzed his personality flaw that in some respects tends to have serious effects on his ability to conduct ongoing discussions about the problem of Islam without those discussions veering off into meta-tangents where his preoccupation with people “attacking” and trying to “destroy” him take precedence over the main topic:

A thick skull and a thin skin

A paradox of ostracism

For stupid, strange and eccentrically cranky reasons, Auster has effectively unilaterally cut off all communication with me, approximately a year ago, thus making it impossible to conduct a discussion with him about any of this, including the substance of the main topic—the urgent problem of Islam and the cogency of our respective proposals for best managing that problem. I will document those reasons in an essay here in the near future.

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