Saturday, October 23, 2010

Auster still asymptotic, I see

Concerning German writer Udo Ulfkotte and his seemingly no-nonsense stance on Muslims, Auster

"...he's saying what I have said all along:
Muslims in significant numbers do not belong in any Western society, period."

There's that inevitable asymptotic phrase -- "in significant numbers" -- rendering his "period" following his comma ironic, if not incoherent.

To understand why I conclude this, the reader must, I'm afraid, plow through the following essays of mine:

Auster's Insufficiency and Incoherence

(And, within the above essay, the previous essay linked, The Iron Veil, is of critical importance in this regard.)

Auster's Insufficiency and Incoherence 2

Austerist Asymptoticism

Asymptotic tangles: Auster and Geller

While it seems that virtually every anti-Islam analyst is asymptotic in one way or another (at least every one I have examined, including, for example, seemingly no-nonsense ones like Bill Warner), Auster is perhaps unique in the sense that he claims to be the toughest anti-Islam analyst on the block and finds nearly all others wanting -- even as he shrank back from endorsing my "totalistic thinking" because he wanted to respect the "dignity and essence as Muslims" of Muslims...!


Nobody said...

Only thing - unlike what Auster seems to claim, reading that article, it didn't look like Ulfkotte said anything about numbers the way Auster did. He just said Muslims do not belong in Europe, and used the examples of the Turks in Germany who claim to be Turkish.

Of course, Herr Ulfkotte may be as asymptotic as the others, but there was nothing to suggest that in the article.

the author said...

Good point, Nobody -- Auster was apparently framing the problem (and the solution) in his terms whilst giving his blessing to Ufkotte.