Sunday, October 31, 2010

The contortions Jihad Watchers go into to protect Muslim women

response to the latest news that one of the mujahideen in the latest plot to send explosives to the U.S.A. (one of the destinations known to be a Chicago area synagogue) from Muslim countries (Yemen, Dubai, and coordination apparently from unknown persons in Egypt), Jihad Watcher "Kenneth Wright" poses the rhetorical question:

I wonder if anyone has thought that the women arrested in Yemen were set up to take the fall?

Fellow Jihad Watcher "tsweeney" answers definitively:

...that is exactly what they did.

While Jihad Watcher "Tziona" agrees, and amplifies this mantric canard:

Particularly as it's been reported the first woman arrested was a medical student (and the second was her mother), she was probably given the choice of giving up her studies or death, and having opted to live she was then told to deliver the packages to UPS to atone for the sin of studying-while-female.

Meanwhile, later on, Jihad Watcher "Medina" refers to:

The suspects, expendable women...

And Jihad Watcher "kohana" writes:

Any possibility the girl might be a dupe, like the lass from Ireland? Maybe another case of sacrificing your daughter or family female member. She is after all, a woman trying to get an education. We don't have all the details yet to try and convict her.

When a Jihad Watcher refers to a Muslim as "a woman trying to get an education", we have sunk to a new asymptotic low, if we haven't been sucked down into the PC MC undertow altogether. Notice too that the gender sentimentalism of "kohana" leads him (or her), in his (or her) last sentence, to advocate concrete policy that would soften our stance against terrorists.

This is one more indication that the sentimentalization of women remains strong at Jihad Watch, and the thought that Muslim women can be just as murderously fanatical and hatefully supremacist as their brethren just cannot be computed: These poor Muslimas must be "victims" -- and so, we will have to burden our already overtaxed and currently ineffective measures to defend our societies with some kind of grand project to save all these poor "victims" of Islam.

While Spencer and Geller have been among the most vocal and influential sentimentalists in this regard, I wouldn't impute their example as the primary cause of its apparently general traction in the anti-Islam movement: it is simply one more indication of the lingering effects of the PC MC virus among those who, in opposing Islam, have otherwise broken free of PC MC.

Certainly, Spencer and Geller could have used their bully pulpits all these years to help disabuse their loyal fans of this sentimentalism; but, of course, they didn't because they too seem to be sentimentalists on this issue (and on the related issue of considering Muslims in general, with amorphously defined exceptions, to be "victims" of their own Islam). And on the other hand, the sentimentalism of their fans prevents them from more assertively taking issue with Spencer and Geller -- for, they seem to agree with them on this.


It's even worse than I thought. I've noticed from another Jihad Watch comments thread that many of the Jihad Watchers are more or less openly proposing a conspiracy theory to explain this Yemen plot, even implicating Obama. So they'd rather reach to a conspiracy theory than just rationally process the fact that a female Muslim college student could be fanatically murderous!

This sinks into deeper darker waters, beyond PC MC, beyond Leftism, down into the Gnostic murk that spawned those relatively milder sociopathologies.

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