Monday, November 01, 2010

I told you so

When Spencer
tried to ease the rational condemnation that should flow upon recent Middle Eastern Christian clerics who patently whitewashed the depradations which Muslims visit daily upon Christians in the region; to wit --

They were communities of fear, living under an ever-ready threat of death if they got out of line. And so mostly, they didn't. Accordingly, we cannot judge either Patriarch Emmanuel nor Archbishop Cyril harshly --

I pointed out in a recent essay that it does no good to walk on eggshells for fear of what Muslims might do -- and that furthermore, that posture of trepidation is absurd, given that Muslims are already doing what we fear they "might do".

Now Spencer, in his
interlinear commentary to the latest report of the latest depradation by Muslims against Christians in the Middle East -- at least 52 dead (correction: 58 murdered, over 80 wounded) as a result of a razzia against a Catholic church in Baghdad -- still doesn't seem to get it: Even though those Christian clergy muted their condemnations of Muslims, it obviously, screamingly didn't matter.

Muslims are already doing the things which the timid fear they "might do" -- and will continue to do them regardless of whether we condemn them boldly or whitewash and airbrush our condemnations away.

It is interesting how Spencer mutes his criticism of these Middle Eastern Christian clerics (prominently represented by hierarchy of the same denomination to which he belongs, the Eastern Rite Catholics) for the very same fault on which he righteously pulls no punches when others fail to stand up to the thuggish threats and veiled intimidation of Muslims.

The Jihad Watcher "Aquinas" (I'm getting to like him more and more) at the time posted this acutely apposite response to Spencer's gingerly kid-gloves treatment of those Christian clergy:

I am honestly surprised that you would seemingly defend the actions of these two priests. You say that "we cannot judge either [of them] harshly". Of course we can. By their silence, another generation of the world's population remains ignorant of the Islamic jihad being waged against the Christians of the Middle East. They are part of the problem precisely because they do not openly speak the truth. Like dhimmis.

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