Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Lawrence Auster is nuts

Concerning a
video created by an anti-Islam civilian, Ann Barnhardt, in which she burns a Koran and among other things also happens to use bacon strips as bookmarks, Lawrence Auster writes:

Unfortunately she mars the exercise by her use of bacon as page markers. As I said regarding the Koran burnings during the earlier Jones affair last September, burning the Koran is a righteous act. Doing it with bacon or bacon fat is disgusting and gratuitously insulting and it lowers our side. I don’t support that. Terry Jones didn’t use bacon when he burned a Koran. Since the estimable Ann Barnhardt was burning the Koran in solidarity with Jones, she should have followed his example and avoided the gratuitous and vulgar insult to Muslims.

What in blazes!!??? She should have "avoided" an "insult to Muslims"? Is Auster out of his freaking mind!!?? Auster thinks he's such a brave soul for being the first and (until recently) only supporter of Terry Jones, the original Koran-burner, and in several postings on his blog Auster has made much of his maverick spirit in this regard contrasted to other conservatives. And now he ruins his moxie by this absurdly idiotic fastidious solicitude to the sensibilities of Muslims. For crying out loud. What the F is wrong with him? (Perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised; after all, it wasn't long ago when Auster worried that my "totalistic" proposal to deport all Muslims would be "violating their dignity and essence as Muslims".)


I urge everyone to use BACON and all pig products (and dog hairs and alcohol and haram hair conditioner and jazz music and dance and public kissing and life and love and everything else good on God's green Earth those Satanic fucks hate) for any protest they may produce against Muslims.


Profitsbeard said...

Muslims won't mind you burning a Koran as long as you don't involve pork products in the incineration?

Auster is simply loopy.

Hesperado said...


I think it's even worse than that: Auster seems to be formulating the tortured thesis that it's good to burn the Koran as a protest against the pernicious outrageous evil and deadly grotesquely violent danger which Muslims through their support of the Koran embody and practice on a daily basis -- and yet while we do this we must not "gratuitously insult" these same perniciously, outrageously evil and grotesquely violent dangerous Muslims.

Hesperado said...

P.S.: Au contraire, we must gratuitously insult Muslims. All day long.

awake said...

Auster is off his rocker. He hates all things Islam, but takes exception to cheap shots against the denizens of the eternally offended, irrationally violent, RoP?

Auster is a rigid ideological purist, except when he deems his emotional deviances to be appropriate.

Nobody said...

The only reason I wouldn't use bacon is that it would be a pretty unhygenic bookmark. Pig leather, maybe?

Another thing - Auster has expressed solidarity w/ Jones, who Schlussel pointed out is a fraud in his anti-Islamic activism, and is more an attention seeker. In particular, she pointed out statements of his saying that he's not against Islam or Muslims, but only against radical Muslims. That would be even more moronic, since Jones wasn't burning a 'radical' Qur'an.

For someone who nitpicks about everything, it's surprising that Auster overlooked this fact about Jones!

Sagunto said...

Hesperado -

"my "totalistic" proposal to deport all Muslims would be "violating their dignity and essence as Muslims".

Oh boy, that "dignity as Muslims" howler is even worse than saying that it would violate their dignity as "human beings". And I agree, we should gratuitously insult Muslims, and I hope and trust with some wit and creativity to boot, like this iron Lady has shown.

Someone over at GoV suggested a Facebook page for video replies in her honour, following her example, instead of waiting for the overlords at YT to burn her account. Some practical input might be welcome, pertaining to matters like anonymity and such, but I like the idea.

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

Hesperado said...


I value the spectacle of a public burning of the Koran so much, it doesn't matter to me if the person is asymptotic -- but I'm glad Schlussel pointed that out. I.e., knowing this about Terry Jones, it is safe to conclude that his only value is in the act of conscpicuously burning the Koran, and that anything he would otherwise say or do would be as of little worth as, say, Daniel Pipes.

Hesperado said...


I hope someone can work out the anonymity issue for publishing videos. It would be nice to set up a "channel" where innumerable contributors can post their videos on related topics; or a whole website -- call it "Defacebook".