Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hang on, Sloopy

I'm reading a blog which has had umpteen stories about Weiner, and I see one among many introduced with the following sentence:

See Laura Wood’s trenchant comments about the marriage of Anthony Weiner and his absent, globe-trotting wife Huma Abedin, who...

Whoa there, Nelly!

Far more important than Weiner's weener is the fact that has eluded the spotlight of that blogger (Lawrence Auster): namely, that Weiner's wife is a Muslim -- and, to boot, not any old Muslim, but once Hilary Clinton's personal aide who likely kept Hilary up-to-date on how "moderate" Islam is, as this old Jihad Watch article informs us, among other disturbing details. At the time, over four years ago, Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch posted "Legitimate questions for Hilary and Huma". Those questions remain legitimate for Weiner and Huma. (And in the comments section to Hugh's essay, someone brought up some interesting stealth jihad possibilities about Huma Abedin's family's activities at Oxford).

Meanwhile, one of Auster's readers helps (as usual) to misinform:

"Roland D. writes:

I just wanted to point out that Rep. Weiner's quite attractive, nominally-Muslim wife..."

I guess Roland thinks she's "nominally Muslim" because she wears Western clothes, is married to a Western Weiner, doesn't cover her pretty face with a veil, and goes jet-setting around. In fact, as the above-linked Jihad Watch article informs us, her father is an "Indian Muslim scholar who relocated to Saudi Arabia and founded an institute there [and thus] is most likely a Wahhabi." It further points out, based upon an article that had appeared in the New York Observer on-line, that Huma Abedin described herself "a Muslim” and “very conservative”.