Sunday, July 10, 2011

Islam: Super-Gang, Super-Tribe, Super-Culture

Islam is a Super-Tribe and a Super-Gang.

In terms of the former, the members transcend existing tribes not through trying to transcend tribalism (a process unique to the modern West), but rather through offering an organized and richly legitimized tribalism arrogated above all other tribes. Just as their Allah is chest-thumpingly claimed to be "greater" than all other gods, so too their tribe is the Best Tribe of All.

Closely related to the super-tribalism of Islam is its gang mentality of global and historical proportions in a context of geopolitically expansionist and ideologically eschatological supremacism. And its Godfather -- its OOG -- of course, is Mohammed.

Complicating this description, however, is another feature of Islam: its seemingly decentralized complexity, which provides ostensible ammunition for those who persist in insisting that Islam is "not monolithic" and that one cannot impute Islam as a factor when Muslims in various far-flung locales do bad things.

Nevertheless, there does seem to be something about Muslims and the mountains of dots of disturbing data they create which strongly indicate -- at least to those of us who, as Hugh Fitzgerald once put it, do not "lack the mental pencil to connect the dots" -- a trans-differential tissue, whereby any given Muslim who is already a disposed to thuggery or worse feels added incentive in his self-identification as a Muslim -- and all that entails.

As we who have become autodidacts on Islam (by necessity, since those whose jobs it is to educate us -- our academics, news journalists, mainstream writers and politicians -- have failed us in this regard) know, there exists in Islamic texts, legal rulings (and legal rulings are the very heart of Islam), history and speech (whether sermons, fatwas, writings or demagogic harangues) a broad and deep basis for encouragement, rather than for discouragement, of such criminal behaviors and the aforementioned atmospherics that imbue them -- framed as a supremacist right to purify the world of its non-Islamic wickedness.

Of course, Muslims aren't the only tribalistic gangsters and thugs in the world, and that is not the sole reason why the danger of Muslims is of a higher order of urgency compared with other social sources. What makes Muslims unique in this regard is their unifying supremacist expansionist blueprint hallowed by centuries of tradition, which puts their tribalistic thuggery on another level entirely. What black inner city gang, or what Hispanic gang, or what non-Muslim African gang in Europe is assiduously trying to get their ducks in a row for a suitcase nuke attack on a major Western city, or a major chemical or biological attack? And yet, too many of the Manganese and Gates of Vienna conservatives seem excessively preoccupied with the threat of these non-Muslim gangs and imbue them with amorphously exaggerated potentials for deadliness.

And just as Islam is a Super-Gang and a Super-Tribe, so too is it a Super-Culture. When various apologists and whitewashers of Islam try to argue that any given pathology perpetrated by Muslims is "only cultural" and does not reflect Islam, this is a sophistical smokescreen: for Islam itself is a culture -- a Super-Culture, subsuming and coercing all the various cultures it has imperialistically devoured over the centuries, either through conversion (mass cultural lobotomy) or through dhimmitude (brutal suppression of local customs and religions).

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