Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update: Modern Indian ignores my email

I emailed Amit Varma, an apparently prolific and intelligent Indian journalist and blogger who from his blog,
India Uncut, seems to have his pulse on society and politics and popular culture.

In my
email, I asked him rhetorically why he made the sweeping generalization that most Pakistani people are (to phrase it in Bush's terms) decent moms and pops like the rest of us, and then I provided him with a series of damning statistics about the fanatical monsters that in fact characterize most Pakistani Muslims.

Amit Varma never got back to me on that.

(Note: the photo used above is not Amit Varma, but might as well be; it's just some Bollywood representative of the Modern Pop Cultural Indian.)


Nobody said...

The photo used above is that of a Muslim, who is currently the #1 Bollywood star in India. Although I'd agree that there is little difference b/w him & Amit Verma

Hesperado said...