Saturday, August 06, 2011

I cheated

My most recent essay indicated that I was done with the Breivik issue and was going to resume my regular blogging about Islam.

However, I just couldn't resist adding another major piece of damning evidence (in addition to the one I had plucked, out of dozens I could have, from Lawrence Auster's hat) that underscores my points about "Breivik's Law" -- namely, a recent essay by Fjordman showcased on the Gates of Vienna blog emblazoned with the inflammatory title When Treason Becomes the Norm: Why the Proposition Nation, not Islam, is our Enemy.

Good freaking Lord, and Fjordman can't understand why people see an ideological affinity between him and Breivik!? The man is strangely delusional if he can't see it staring at him right under his nose, for crying out loud.

So, I cheated by inserting that Fjordman example as "Exhibit B" (following Auster's "Exhibit A") in that recent posting.

That Fjordman essay, by the way, aroused 157 comments at the time -- quite a lot for Gates of Vienna (back before the Breivikian Ice Age when they froze comments). Some of my comments may interest the reader, as they touch on this issue. They may be found
here, here, here, and -- before Baron Bodissey, owner of the blog, closed comments because he didn't like the way they were going -- most especially here and here.

At any rate, as I said, I inserted additional analysis about this in my penultimate essay,
"Breivik's Law" in action, here below before my most recent essay.


Muslim Unicorn said...

Hesperado, I've long been following your blog since we had some exchanges on Jihad Watch a few years back. I was a Muslim poster there, Gerbil Tea, and I found your commentary to be most refreshing in its honesty as well as extremely well written.

I'd like to pick your brain, if you have the time, in order to place some of your criticism towards my new blog. As a first time blogger, I am still working out the cosmetic details but I'm much more interested in fleshing out interesting subject matter and discussion. Yours is an anti-Islam opinion that I value as it is free from considerations of politics and hypocrisy as found in some other blogs. Also, you read a large variety of blogs on the topic and your input would be the most well rounded and educated of all possible opinions on the subject.

As it appears your blog doesn't have a working link to e-mail (or conversely, I am incompetent with the workings of blogs), I'm posting here on your comments. Feel free to send me an e-mail or to simply comment on my self titled blog. Despite my blog being from a Muslim viewpoint, I have no interest in censoring your comments or any comments critical of Islam.

As I understand from your previous posts that you have lost all hope in reaching Muslims, I will also understand if you don't comment or read the blog. I won't take it personally, and I'm not particularly shocked or offended by any residual fallout. You've come to reasonable conclusions about Islam and Muslims, I'm hardly in a position to change that.

I do, however, want to solicit your critical eye.

Many Thanks,
The Muslim Unicorn

Nobody said...

Somewhat off-topic here, but I saw a fantastic quote from Debbie Schlussel a few days back, noting that the biggest problem w/ Islam is Islam

Too perfect!!! Only thing I'd add - the other problem is Muslims!!!