Friday, August 12, 2011

I got banned by the "" discussion forum for "racism"

For background on the "" discussion forum and its irrationally PC MC (if that's not a redundancy) atmospherics and policy, see my previous posts:

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Now for the recent juicy stuff.

On a comments thread concerning the recent London riots, a rare soul who seemed to be actually un-PC MC posted a comment in which he pointed out to the majority idiots there that a Muslim who was apparently hit (or run over) by a car during the protracted kerfuffles there was not the victim of an evil White Western driver: actually, the driver was a black man.

Being a member there for over a month or so (having garnered about 150+ comments in that time), I posted a comment myself: I quoted the above post -- which was this:

The BBC has just confirmed that the man charged with driving his car at a group of men protecting commercial property during the disturbances in Birmingham, *killing three of them*, was a BLACK MAN.
Ah well, no doubt there will turn out to be mitigating circumstances! :confused:
---End Quote---
What!!?? A black man killing Muslims!!??

-- then I typed my comment:

The white Western PC MCs (Politically Correct Multi-Culturalists) will start to smoke from their ears, bubble and froth, then implode from the impossible contradiction which this fact's effect will have upon their internal wiring.

I then received an admonitory email from the authorities at the discussion forum, which read as follows:

The post you responded to had no aim but to stir up racial hatred.

And here you are fanning the flames.

This kind of thing will not be accepted on sciforums.

This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.


1) First of all, they have no way of knowing with certainty that the original post to which I commented "had no aim but to stir up racial hatred". That poster could well have had the same aim I had -- namely, to expose (with actual data) and mock the PC MC idiocy of that discussion forum.

2) Secondly, I was not "fanning the flames" -- I was exposing and mocking the PC MC idiocy of that discussion forum -- which idiocy includes its central dogma of an Anti-"Racism" run irrationally amok.

I would add that this kind of forum is run, and participated in, by a variety of people -- not merely "Leftists" (and most certainly not "Elites").

I.e., demonstrates the disease of PC MC which runs far more deeply and broadly -- socioculturally -- than the usual bogeymen which most people in the Anti-Islam Movement seem to think is the problem.

As I have been trying to hammer home for years now, PC MCs run the gamut from Left to Right to all the "Centrist" points in between, as well as Upper and Lower Class and everywhere in between those quaintly archaic poles which most people in the Anti-Islam Movement seem to think characterizes Western societies: "Elites" and "Ordinary People".

I. fucking e.:

The people who volunteer to administer discussion forums like (which I distinguish from singularly radical sites like "Kos" -- which is thus the exception that proves the rule), and the hundreds of people from around the world who participate there, are not all "Leftists" (much less are they dastardly "Elites") -- they are part of the Ordinary People of which we, in the Anti-Islam Movement, are part. We are not some Gnostic Remnant different from the idiots who surround us in the West who continue to reflexively defend Islam and Muslims. We are cut from the same cloth. Until we get that clear, we will have no way of cogently distinguishing ourselves from Breivik. Capisce?

At any who: The pièce de résistance of those irrational buggers and snits at revealed itself when I tried to log on there, and got this Orwellian fascist message:

You have been banned for the following reason:


Date the ban will be lifted: 08-15-11, 05:00 AM


No; on second thought: "Orwellian" is giving those bloody dunderpates too much credit.

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