Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Austerist Asymptoticism, reiterated

Lawrence Auster on his blog boldly proclaims:

What I mean by the separationist solution is that Islam must be permanently separated from the West, by stopping all Muslim immigration into the West, and by getting all observant Muslims so return to the Dar al Islam either voluntarily or by coercive means.

Can the reader spot the asymptotic words and/or phrases? This is like playing "find Waldo". I.e., as Bart Simpson once quipped when they showed some pages where Waldo is clearly visible in the game: "Man, they're not even trying anymore!"

Anyway. The answer is:



"either voluntarily or..."

I've hashed and re-hashed the implicit logical nonsense in Auster's ostensibly no-nonsense stance before, in the following essays. Nothing more need be said that I haven't articulated before.

Austerist Asymptoticism

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And, most pertinent (if detailed and lengthy):

An Iron Veil


1389 said...

Yup. Just show 'em the door, NOW, before there get to be too many Muslims on our side of the pond to be able to make it happen.

Hesperado said...


Certainly by the time the West gets around to dealing with this, there will be too many -- to avoid a terrible expense of money, labor, and bloodshed. All of which could be avoided, if we woke up sooner, rather than later (as happened with those who appeased the growing menace of Hitler in the 1930s).

But I don't think Muslims could ever be "too many" in the sense that they could conquer us.