Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Anti-Islam Movement: Some Thoughts in March of 2012

Most PC MC idiots in the West (which in my estimation comprises over 75% of the entire West) probably think that most (if not all) anti-Islam people look like the two gentlemen in the photo above.

The most accurate way to put our overall situation in the West is that awareness is growing and snowballing, but at a snail's pace that has no justification and for which otherwise relatively decent and intelligent people bear responsibility, because that avoidable snail's pace of progress in waking up to the problem of Islam will not only very likely result in the mass murder of possibly millions of non-Muslims in the coming century (along with the havoc of destruction of property, dislocation of people, and psychological trauma of terror) -- it will also very likely force the West to be forced to treat Muslims with more violence than would have been necessary, had we woken up sooner and taken the comparatively milder measures which waking up sooner enables.

Again, it's 1938 all over again, with even more massively deadlier consequences likely to unfold -- and what infuriates and aggrieves is that this gargantuan catastrophic international train wreck that is slowly unfolding before our eyes is preventable, if only the majority in the West -- including the majority of non-Leftists as well as the majority of ordinary people who are not "elites" -- woke up now and quickly, instead of decades from now while inching and groping along like retarded somnambulists who have no excuse not to wake up now and quickly.

After all, we few, we brave and proud in the anti-Islam movement, have woken up.

I'm no rocket scientist or genius. Just a relatively intelligent Western guy with a normal life and a normal education -- high school, a smattering of college -- and having an unremarkably normal outlook of open-minded tolerance tinged with liberalism here and there capable of laughing at the jokes of Dana Carvey or
The Simpsons or 30 Rock (or even Andy Dick or Howard Stern, for God's sake), and even appreciating the devilishly devil-may-care mischief and insouciance of a Jack Nicholson.

I'd say most of the folks in the anti-Islam movement (such as it is) reflect a variety of social types from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of life experiences (including travel to other countries, often to a Muslim country or two): we are not all troglodytic redneck white trash by any means. Nor are we all, like Lawrence Auster, strangely puritanical eccentrics with their panties in a twist about (just to pick one of his many crotchets) how homosexuals are a threat equivalent to, if not worse than, Islam.

And yet we have woken up by now. Good God, it's 2012 and we're into the second decade of the 21st century for fuck sake, and Muslims all over the fucking world are (and have been for years, decades, motherfucking centuries) perpetrating horribly, grotesquely and ghoulishly acts of violence for reasons that are fanatically deranged, and also saying -- when not hatefully vociferating in mass demonstrations -- outrageously anti-liberal things.

The rest of the West among us (sadly, the majority)
have no excuse. Shame on them.

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