Friday, March 09, 2012

From the "Whatever Happened to So-and-So" Department

Googling for something else, I stumbled on a Jihad Watch reader from long ago (last entries seem to have stopped in 2008) who seemed to demonstrate a remarkable knowledge of Islam and of the welter of various ethnicities and culture of the region that may be called the Cradle of Islamic Conquest -- basically the Mesopotamian and North African areas.

His nickname was "Berytius_Libanicus" and he claimed to be Lebanese. The comments he made to Hugh on this old Hugh Fitzgerald article on Jihad Watch demonstrate a deep knowledge of Berbers and Arabs in the context of Islam.

And this comment on another thread demonstrated a remarkably extensive knowledge of Shia Islam.

I wonder where he's been these past four years. I don't think he has remained, under a changed name (although I could be wrong), as I don't recall in the past four years any other Jihad Watch reader with his degree of knowledge in these and related areas. I hope he's not only still alive and healthy, but has also started a blog to share his knowledge; and I hope I can find it.

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