Thursday, May 10, 2012

Psalm 110:1's footstool: an ottoman? Inshallah!

An analysis published in the American Thinker by Andrew Bostom helps us to make more sense of the modern history of Turkey and the phenomenon of its attempted genocides of Greeks and Armenians during its transition from an Ottoman theocracy to a Kemalist "secularism". 

We must begin with the premise that Ottoman Islam was a formidably Islamic geopolitical and cultural Rasputin -- and thus see its slow, increasing demise and disease over the 18th and 19th centuries as a spectacular catastrophe (for Muslims) in and of itself.  Then we see the kinetic acceleration of Western global superiority throughout the 19th century as another major ingredient in the process; with the tumultuously protean outburst of WW1 thus wracking the Body Geopolitic of the world (since by then the West had the entire world by its balls, mostly in a good sense, pace all the handwringing PC MCs (not a few of whom seem to be in the anti-Islam movement) who feel "ashamed" of their Western Colonialist heritage) -- impinging, among other regions, upon the dying Ottoman Empire. 

In the context of this devolving maelstrom and welter, the death of the Ottoman Empire transferrred its necessarily and intrinsically Islamic electricity Frankensteinianly from a corpse to a St. Vitus Revolution -- the "Young Turks" led by Ataturk -- animated not by greatness or freedom but by Turkish fascism and racism. 

Their feat nevertheless had to be nothing short of herculean, for no galvanizing ideology is as strong as the monster of Islam (that had, at any rate, centuries before already gobbled up Turkish pride and self-identity through "reversion"); and we thus realize, obviously, that its supposedly "secular" purgation of Islam was always partial (reflecting the Islamic limits of its astounding feat), not total -- for Islam in such an inveterately Islamic region can never be purged from the hearts and minds and psyches and culture of a people once possessed by its demon. 

Which is why, also, "modern secular" Turkey, ever since in the early 1920s it was carved out of the dead meat (mostly dark meat) of the Ottoman Empire, has been in constant tension against its own inner Islam, and has barely held the upper hand only by dint of a military dictatorship, not any kind of "democracy" the West would ever recognize as such -- free and institutionally and culturally respectful of equality under the law -- if only because, when you have a majority population ever diseased by the social disease of Islam, you simply cannot permit such freedoms (as Ataturk knew), for such freedoms would lead, with such a demon-possessed demos with its natural appetite for Islam, to more Islam, not less.  Which means, perforce, less freedom and respect for others in society. 

And now, just the other day (Turkish American CNN columnist: Kemalist secularism is dead), we see signs that the Rasputin of Islam -- never quite dead in Turkey -- is coming back to life to resume its throttle on humanity there; aided and abetted in no small measure, naturally, by the Muslims who are the agents of their own eternal sadomasochism.

Not to mention this recent story:

Thousands of devout Muslims prayed outside Turkey's historic Hagia Sophia museum on Saturday to protest a 1934 law that bars religious services at the former church and mosque.

Actually, to clarify what that mainstream news story implies is some kind of equivalency:  the Hagia Sophia had been a Christian church -- one of the greatest in history -- for centuries, before the Mohammedans brutally conquered Byzantium and its prize jewel, the Paris of the Middle Ages, Constantinople, transforming in its baseline tribalistic triumphalism the city's central church into a mosque.  Even after the "secular" revolution of the Kemalists, although the military dictatorship of modern Turkey did render the church an inert museum, it also pointedly has never restored it to its rightful owners, the Christians of Turkey.

Worshippers [i.e., Turkish Muslims] shouted, "Break the chains, let Hagia Sophia Mosque open," and "God is great" before kneeling in prayer as tourists looked on.

Yeah, modern Turkey sounds so "secular"...!
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