Monday, May 14, 2012

Left and Right in Black and White

The following roll call of votes from a recent U.S. House of Representatives vote shows, in vivid and stark black and white, the difference between Democrats and Republicans with regard to the issue of the problem of Islam.

The vote concerned an amendment meant to punish the New York City police department by taking away their funding for a long-standing operation they have been conducting of surveillance of Muslims in mosques and other community and private settings.

Thankfully, the amendment was defeated.  But taking a look at the link I provided above of the roll call, one sees that overwhelmingly, Democrats voted against the amendment, while overwhelmingly, Republicans voted in favor of it.  (A good brief overview of the vote may be read here.)

This demonstrates powerfully that there is more rationality resident in the Republican sociopolitical culture, compared with that of the Democratic sociopolitical culture.

Good God, with the metasasizing problem of deadly Islamic terrorism, the least we ought to do is institute such programs of surveillance of our growing Muslim populations.  Shame on our representatives for voting against this amendment.

While I have often stressed that the problem of PC MC is not a Leftist problem, but a much broader sociopolitical problem precisely because it has infected, and affected, too many among the conservatives, centrists -- as well as that often ignored sociopolitical demographic, the Comfortably Apolitical -- nevertheless, this does not mean that Left and Right are exactly equal in this regard.  My rhetorical efforts over the years in stressing the broadly deleterious effects of PC MC -- spanning across the Left/Right divide -- have been conducted in the spirit of countering what I have perceived to be a simplistic hyperbole that almost obsessively sees only "Leftists" and "liberals" as the problem; where, obviously, the Bush Epiphany (you know, George "Islam is a great religion of peace" Bush) ought to have disabused us of that long ago.

Nevertheless, May 12 was a day to remind us of the other side of the coin: the remarkable degree of irrationality cultivated by Democrats, contrasted with Republicans, with regard to the problem of Islam.

Shame on Democrats.  When are they going to wake up and see that Islam is the most virulently, and dangerously, anti-liberal ideology on the face of the planet? 


Hesperado said...

I meant to add that in Western politics outside the U.S.A., a similar pattern seems evident, with exceptions (Pim Fortuyn, Geert Wilders) that may prove the rule.

-- Hesperado

American Delight said...

Plus the liberal media gives its reporters a Pulitzer Prize for exposing this program. Outing this program does not deserve an award.

Plus, I heard one of the reporters interviewed on NPR. He was asked how he uncovered the story. He said that people in the CIA leaked it to him that he should look into the NYPD's program.

Being a note-taker for the CIA and disclosing a sensitive program wins you a Pulitzer these days?!!

Hesperado said...

"Being a note-taker for the CIA and disclosing a sensitive program wins you a Pulitzer these days?!!"

It does if you're doing it in the interest of protecting an Ethnic Minority who, ipso facto, is being unfairly suspected and targeted by an inchoate bigotry in the air.

If Muslims were a White Power group, the Pulitzer Prize would go for the reporter who found out that the government was FAILING to monitor their members.