Sunday, August 26, 2012

Father Knows Best

In a report titled Telegraph's Damian Thompson blames West for Muslim persecution of Middle Eastern Christians published on Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer notes:

But Thompson, like so many dhimmi multiculturalists, engages in the same paternalistic patronizing of Muslims that characterizes so much of today's discourse about them: they are never responsible for their actions, but are only passive reactors to the actions of the big bad West, which carries all the responsibility. It's funny how ethnocentric these people who profess to believe in the equality of all cultures really are.

Spencer makes a good point here.  And it's no tangential or accidental problem, but rather cuts right to the essence of PC MC (and of the Leftism that helped spawn its milder, decaffeinated offspring, PC MC).

However, I would suggest that when we are widening our focus to look at ways to deal with the problem of Islam, and when we acknowledge that the world is inevitably globalist in interconnections, and when we factor in the obvious superiority of the West not only to Islamic culture but to all other non-Western cultures -- then it seems we cannot manage the problem of Islam by an isolationism, nor by any policy that would presume that Muslims can reform their Islam or that Muslims will abandon their Islam in large numbers sufficient to matter to the problem they are causing through their Islam.

I.e., while Spencer is correct that it is acutely ironic that PC MCs (and their more robustly caffeinated cousins the Leftists) presume a framework of Western-oriented paternalism by which to view Muslims, I would suggest that we who are not benighted by PC MC or Leftism in this regard have no choice but to accept that the classic worldview of Western Colonialism is the gold standard and that no progress beyond that to some kind of Wilsonian universalism that does not expect non-Westerners to adopt Western virtues (which, paradoxically, include universalism itself!) is feasible.

For the most part, we see that non-Muslim non-Westerners have no problem with accepting the West as the gold standard.  It is only Muslims who remain the stepchildren from Hell with the soulless eyes of Damien Thorn from the Omen (except, that is, when they feel the need to pretend to be our friends).

I.e., the West has no choice but to be paternalistic with regard to Muslims: the only question is, are we going to regard them as reformable truants who just need three squares and TLC to get back on the right track of reform; or are we going to see them as they are, the incorrigible delinquents who are hopelessly sociopathic and who have grown up torturing and killing mice, cats and dogs, now bullying their schoolmates, committing arson in the school gym, and planning and executing innumerable Columbines already, and who, at best, will sit in the principal's office and simply lie convincingly (to gullible dupes, that is) about how they will be good from now on?

If they remained in their Dar-al-Islamoghetto and did not venture out, that would be another matter. But they have been streaming into our "Dar" for a half century by the millions, and this influx is showing no signs of abatement -- and for that we the West do indeed bear responsibility.  The longer we wait to extricate Muslims from our House, the messier, costlier and bloodier will be the result; while the sooner we do it, the more humane will be the process.  That's the only choice before us.  Either way presumes a paternalism: the former of a kind father and a hopefully reformable wittle rascal of a child; the latter of a stern father who must muster tough love against this unwanted adoption from Hell who will burn down his house, steal his goods, and rape and kill his family if he tolerates him any longer.

All those who continue to do everything in their power (including doing little or nothing) to strengthen our posture of dilly-dallying in this regard are, and will be, to blame for the mess, the cost and the blood likely to devolve because they shirked their responsibility.  In this regard, "shirk" really is the worst crime of all.

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