Saturday, September 29, 2012

Going down for the third time

Jihad Watch today posted a story about a Muslim mother in Montreal, Canada, who tried to stab her daughter to death, for the sake of Islamic "honor".

This is not only the umpteenth example of an honor killing, it's also the umpteenth example of a female Muslim being -- contrary to the irrational sentimentalism of quite a few in the Counter Jihad for the fairer sex -- just as fanatically deadly as those Muslims who happen to have penises.

I don't know about those sentimentalists, but I stopped treating Muslim women any differently than Muslim men by about the umpteenth time I saw some Muslim woman saying, or doing, something that showed her hopeless commitment to the deadly seditious fanaticism of Islam. 

It's time we practice a ruthless gender equality here, and revise our passenger ship policy aboard the U.S.S. Occidental -- to "Women and children and Kuffar first!" -- while we still have time to save our disastrously titanic policy concerning Muslims.

And furthermore, this tendency to soften our stance with regard to Muslim women is but a microcosm of the tendency to soften our stance with regard to Muslims in general by flailing about anxiously to find ways by which to artificially truncate the problem and whittle its formidably disconcerting proportions down from Islam itself and all Muslims who enable Islam (and which Muslims don't enable Islam, and how would we know they really don't...?).

Historical Analysis:  The Three Jihads

Some analysts of Islamic history discern three jihads -- or, more precisely, three waves of the one jihad that has always been and always will be perennial in the hearts and minds (and scripted blueprint which has taken over their brains) of Mohammedans around the world.

The first wave spanned from the time of Mohammed's later years, when he galvanized his growing Ikhwan (Brotherhood) to military attacks not only to secure the entire Arabian peninsula, but also "the East" (Persia, at first, followed later by India, central Asia, and SE Asia), and then "the West" (i.e., "Rome", in the 7th century being primarily the great relocation of the Empire in Byzantium, which Muslims from the time of Mohammed forward for eight solid centuries kept attacking in the hope of conquering, finally fulfilling their prayers and dreams with the conquest of Constantinople in 1453; meanwhile they had attacked, and conquered, all of North Africa (which had been for centuries a thriving, prosperous and cosmopolitan part of the Roman Empire both pagan and Christian) followed swiftly by the western flank of the West -- the Iberian peninsula -- in the 8th century, which they held for a good 800 years -- all the while attacking various points along the great periphery of the entire West along the entire Mediterranean coast and up to the Atlantic seaboard as far as England, and even once, Iceland).

The second wave of jihad, then, overlapped with the relocation of Islamic rule under the aegis of the Turkish converts to Islam, under the Ottoman caliphate.  This was finally fairly definitively checked, indefinitely (until recently), by the defeat of the Ottomans at the Siege of Vienna in 1683.  From the 17th century forward, Islam continued to decline abysmally, while simultaneously, the West continued to skyrocket in its amazingly exponential progress.

The third wave, beginning to catalyze in the mid-20th century due to a concatenation of factors, was only given an orgasmic jolt of inspiration and a second wind with the stupendous attacks on 911, and following that, a decade of increasing infiltration by Muslims into the West ideologically and demographically, combined with the parallel track of a tactic of multiple terror attacks along with criminal violence, death threats, and violent riots by which the seemingly non-violent stealth jihad gains traction -- combined, in turn, with an increasing timidity and stupidity with regard to the growing danger of Islam by Western leaders, reporters, cultural observers, academics, and millions of ordinary people throughout the West who should know better by now.


The West almost went down with the first wave, but for the great coalition of Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours.  Then the West almost went down again, with the second wave, but for the stalwart and dogged persistence and bravery of innumerable Bulgars, Serbs, Croats and other Slavs along with alliances with their more western compatriots of the West, culminating (as we noted above) with the great Reversal at Vienna in 1683.

We still have time to get our shit together lest we go down this third time, as an Islam Redivivus threatens Western Civilization yet again.  Let's not let our grandfathers, and grandchildren, down.

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Nobody said...

Debbie Schlussel has on occasion hit this nail on the head. W/o endorsing the killings, she notes that had these victims survived, despite their apparent western leanings, they'd probably still have grown up to become anti-semites and breeders for Muzzies, and therefore, don't exactly have her sympathy.

I too wish the AIM wouldn't include 'saving Muslims from Islam' as any part of their campaigns