Monday, September 24, 2012

The "self-hating Jew"

Giulio Meotti, in a recent op-ed published by Arutz Sheva, an Israeli news site (hat tip to Ruthfully Yours), has some interesting observations to make amid the disquieting trend he and others have noticed of what rather glibly is referred to as the "self-hating Jew".

"Self-hating Jews” is a wrong expression, writes Meotti. The right term is Jewish anti-Semitism.

Meotti then goes on to recount a disturbing exchange he had with a fellow Jew, whom he counts among those who think of themselves as:

...“better Jews” who like to depict Israel as “the new ghetto", setting themselves apart from the Israeli masses and posturing as the possessors of greater liberal wisdom.

Meotti refers to George Steiner -- "famous cultural critic, Jewish intellectual and professor, based in Cambridge" -- with whom he has corresponded for the last ten years.

On the occasion of his new book -- A New Shoah. The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism -- Meotti writes that he sent Steiner a copy and solicited his response.  According to Meotti, Steiner wrote back, saying that “the world is Juden müde” -- which, Meotti explains, translates as "tired of Jews” -- and Steiner went on to say Jews "should disappear". 

Meotti recounts that he was astonished, as he should be.  The sentiment that “the world is Juden müde” has a disquietingly eery ring to it, in its resemblance to Nazi propaganda, and to pre-Nazi European anti-Semitic rants.  It's all the eerier coming from an intelligent and erudite Jew.  And Meotti goes on to imply that, unfortunately, such a sentiment is not all that remarkably uncommon these days.

And his reply to Steiner is worth reading, which the reader can find in the link I provided.

But I don't think the phenomenon of the "self-hating Jew" -- or, pace Meotti, the "anti-Semitic Semite" -- is unique.  The entire West is, in a sense, afflicted with this disease.  We have -- by the bushelfull -- the anti-Catholic Catholic, the anti-Christian Christian, the anti-American American, the anti-British Brit, the anti-European European, the anti-white white, and finally, the anti-Western Westerner.

Now, the antipathy denoted by all these "anti-" designations does not necessarily have to be perfect or complete: it can be a tendency, ranging in degree from mild -- as with the comfortably and affably doltish self-criticism of a Brian Williams, for example -- to severe, as with the disturbing pathology of a Noam Chomsky or a Sean Penn or Marlon Brando or George Clooney.

This is not to say that the Jewish version of this phenomenon may not have peculiar flavors of its own; we only wish to point out that the broader phenomenon is not unique to Judaism.

One would never, in a million years -- except of course from an apostate -- see or hear a Muslim speak or write that  “the world is Moslem müde”...!  So, this points to the simultaneous health, and disease, of the West, typical of its deformation of its Graeco-Roman Judaeo-Christian virtues: Self-criticism is a virtue, but it can morph into a morbidly irrational excess, as it indeed has, with the dominant and mainstream PC MC worldview of the more recently modern West.  

Thus now in the 21st century we have the strange, monstrously ironic, almost comical if it weren't so horrifically tragic, spectacle of an astronomically superior civilization crippled by its own excess of self-criticism, which renders it unable to rouse itself to adequate self-defense from the ongoing violent attacks and plots of members of an abysmally inferior culture who are afflicted with a mirror image opposite disease -- an inability to think or feel self-critically.  

And for the perverse pièce de résistance, as a major symptom of its disease, the astronomically superior civilization goes out of its way to "respect" and excuse and court and invite into its living room by the millions the members of that violently hateful, dangerously retrograde culture.  Not a few members of the anti-Islam movement (such as it is) like to blame the Jews for this problem; but I think the problem is far deeper and broader than that, and such an explanation, like the proverbial scapegoat, is not only unsatisfactory (even if it appeals to those who need simpler solutions), but ultimately will put us in more danger, by diverting our attention from the actual problem.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hesperado, As a white Western Christian, I am far less concerned with Jewish self-hatred than I am with quite evident - in my opinion - Jewish hatred of gentiles as evidenced by the communal Jewish tendency to try to discredit and dismantle white Western Christian religion, culture, and countries.

For example, Jews seem to believe and promote that white Christians persecuted them in World War II while failing to understand or appreciate that white Christians actually saved Jews - along with even MORE other Europeans - from non-Christian Nazi persecution.

The Jewish slogan of 'Never Again' could stand to be replaced with "Thank you white Western Christian America for pulling our butts out of the fire during World War II. You're really great, and we really appreciate that you sent your sons across the ocean to die on our behalf. In fact, we are going to thank you until our last dying breath!"

Does anyone get the impression that Jews feel this way about white Western Christians?

Does anyone realize that it is Jews themselves who COMPLETELY fail to understand and appreciate the importance of the existence of white Western Christianity to the continued survival of the Jews?

Christians speak of how important the survival of the Jews is, but do Jews speak of how important the survival of Christians is?

Christians credit Judeo-Christian values as the underpinning of white Western civilization - giving Jews first billing and equal credit - without believing or understanding that it is white Western Christianity that founded the United States.

Jews are so blinded by ingrained - and misplaced - hatred of white Western Christians that they have assiduously lobbied to overrun ALL white Western Christian lands with violent Muslims who plan to wage bloody civil wars in an effort to entirely eliminate both Christians and Jews (!) from the face of the earth.

Worst of all, Jews advocate for Muslim immigration despite having MORE firsthand knowledge about Islam than any other Westerners because many Jews have relatives in Israel or make trips to Israel.

Do we hear of American Copts advocating for Muslims? No!

Do we hear of American Jews advocating for Muslims? Yes!

Modern Jews exhibit the same myopia as modern black Americans, modern Europeans, and modern South Koreans which is that all groups blame the white Western Christian for all of their problems instead of profusely thanking the white Western Christian for liberating them from the Holocaust, slavery, Nazism, and Communism.

The white Western Christian is the guardian of civilization. Without the white Western Christian, the world will be a barbaric place - for it is the white Western Christian who may be prevailed upon to risk life and limb to rescue those who are endangered by either their own foolish actions or those of evil human predators - or both.


Anonymous said...

Actually, more than Jewish anti-Semitism, a better term would be Semetic Judeophobia - which would cover both Arab and Jewish hatred of both Judaism and Israel

Anonymous said...

I am a Jew living in Sweden. I wouldn't say that the majority of Jews hate Christianity, but there is no doubt in my mind that no other ethnic group in Europe have facilitated the moslem overtake of Europe to the extent the Jews did. Moslems know it and the native Europeans increasingly realize it. It doesn't stop moslems despising us, but it makes not a few Europeans think of us as traitors.
God help us.
Nathan L.

Hesperado said...

"Actually, more than Jewish anti-Semitism, a better term would be Semetic Judeophobia - which would cover both Arab and Jewish hatred of both Judaism and Israel"

Well, we already know about the "Semitic" Muslims and their hatred of Jews. It's the self-antipathy that is interesting, and disturbing. Muslims don't seem to cultivate anything like this at all -- except, again, among those on the track toward apostasy. And those are very few -- nothing like the mass psycho-cultural phenomenon we see among Jews, and among various Westerners concerning their own cultures.