Saturday, September 22, 2012

Interlude #9

A reminder to the reader: These "Interludes" (inspired by Hugh Fitzgerald's) perform two functions:  One, they provide respite and relief from the Mohammedan madness (and infuriating Western blindness to that madness) that daily besets and beleaguers us; and two, they illustrate in ways grandly great, or mundanely endearing -- or anywhere in between -- the superiority of the West.

I.e., even a ditty as embarrassingly banal (yet oh so infectiously cute) as the Oscar Mayer jingle, our ninth interlude, shows astronomically and screamingly how much better we are than them, their grotesque culture, their foul Islam, and their depraved Mohammed.


If you want to play along, here are the chords to the song (written in 1962 by Richard Trentlage, an adman and jinglist):

(F) Oh I'd love to (F dim) be (F) an (Bb) Oscar (D7) Mayer (G7) weiner...

(C) That is what I'd (C7) truly like to (F) be-(G7)-ee-(C)-ee!

(F) 'Cause if I (F dim) were (F) an (Bb) Oscar (D7) Mayer (G7) weiner...

(C) Everyone would be in (C7) love with me (F) (Bb) (C) (F)!

(Note: the parenthetical chord symbols seen right before each word designate they should be played on that word.  Also, Trentlage's original had for the first line "Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner", but I figured I'd transcribe what's on the actual 1965 commercial, which for some reason changed the original, which I like better.)

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