Thursday, September 27, 2012

The "A" word and the proverbial tree in the forest

A commenter at Jihad Watch, commenting on the charge of "racism" repeatedly blurted out by the Muslim graffiti vandal Mona Eltahawy as she was caught on videotape in the act of her Jihad of the Spray-paint Can against the posters referring, by implication, to our problem of Islam as a "war between the savage and the civilized man", put up by the American Freedom Defense Initiative under the aegis of Pam Geller and Robert Spencer:

Eltahawy and leftist tools **immediately ** took ''the savage'' as referring to muslims as a whole. Telling !

(And another commenter, deploying an articulation that similarly misses the point, agrees.)

My response:

It's called synecdoche (or, less hifalutin'ly, inference or deduction).

This is not only not the first time this has happened, it is a mainstay staple of the PC MC paradigm to assume this extrapolation (and similarly, I recently wrote about another example involving Geller's "savage" posters). It is hardly a peripheral or tangential reflex spasm on Eltahawy's part, but goes to the heart of the entire PC MC arsenal -- which Muslims have been exploiting for years -- in the war of ideas. (Muslims don't have PC MC, since PC MC is a solidly Western growth: it is utterly foreign to their culture and to their psyches, but they are at least smart enough to see how powerfully conducive it is to their jihad of the pen & tongue -- indeed, it is the head of the West handed to them on a silver platter by the brainless Westerners.)

At the very least, the synecdoche alludes directly to the TMOE principle (the Tiny Minority of Extremists). According to PC MC, if anyone at any time in any way pushes the envelope of the TMOE principle even by the slightest implication that there might be a broader problem than a "tiny minority" who are distinguished by an iron-clad wall from the "vast majority" of decent harmless Muslims, then that triggers the alert to suspect bigotry or racism is afoot.

I've noticed countless instances over the years where it doesn't matter if we protest that we are not talking about "all Muslims" -- we are still vilified as though we were.

I say, what's the point in continuing to assure our detractors that we don't mean "all Muslims". Since we cannot tell, with reliability sufficient for our primary purpose of defending our societies, the difference between

1) the deadly Muslims & their enablers,


2) the harmless Muslims,

then it doesn't matter if there exist innumerable numbers of #2. It becomes a theoretical hypothetical exercise, like whether a tree falling in the forest where nobody is around to hear it really makes a sound or not.

Our more important priority is to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our families, our fellow citizens, our society. We hardly should be fretting anxiously about whether or not we are deemed "racist" by a people whose hearts and minds are derailed by a mediocre ideological fashion (Western PC MCs), much less by a people whose hearts and minds are deformed by a darker, more twisted ideology (all Muslims).

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