Sunday, October 28, 2012

An amusing (and sociopolitically telling) fact I had lying around in a note I took two years ago, buried among my papers:

Timothy Naftali, director of the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum (which, for the last five years, has been controlled by the National Archives, taken over from the Nixon Foundation) in August of 2010 told a New York Times reporter:

"I am not a Nixon loyalist.  I am not even a Republican.  I am gay.  I am from Canada.  I was 12 years old when Nixon resigned."

The director of the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is a non-Republican gay Canadian (and, from his last name, Jewish)!  

And Leftist idiots think that conservatives are scarey boogeymen trying to take away their freedoms.  They are not the only ones to remain oblivious to the overwhelming cultural sea change all around them, by which America -- and the entire West -- has undergone a major tectonic shift leftward, moving the sociopolitical poles and the center.  But their oversight in this regard is particularly annoying and egregious, given how their self-hatred of their own West hinges on their myopia.

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