Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Climate of Opinion

David Forsmark has written quite a few essays and book reviews over the years (from 2006-2009 on Front Page Magazine, and up to the present on his own website) that demonstrate a sound grasp of the various problems of political correctness, and of its spawn, politically correct multi-culturalism. 

In his 2009 review of Rich Trzupek's book, How the EPA is ruining American industry, Forsmark presents some cogent and wry insights undermining the climate change paradigm. I present here just a taste: 

As Trzupek drily notes, "Toxicity is a matter of dose, as sober scientists have observed since ancient times." But the combination of green fever and the impossible pursuit to cut pollution levels to zero have led regulators to try to make emissions from factories cleaner than what occurs in nature itself. 

. . .

In another case, the EPA regulations were so stringent and inflexible that the agency insisted on practices that actually created more pollution than the method the business owner would have employed. 

. . .

But Trzupek's most ironic point — in a book filled with them — is the fact that by declaring war on American industry, the EPA has driven factories overseas, where they are allowed to pollute far more freely and thus contribute even more to "climate change." If nothing else, consistency should demand that the EPA do what it can to keep industry here, not to mention the fact that we need private sector economic growth to pay for all these public employees and bureaucrats.

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