Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lambs to the slaughter

"The work of my ministry and my television station is to expose the brutal ideology of sharia and terrorism. Our work is not against Muslims."

-- Joseph Nassralla of Way TV and Media for Christ

This all-too common (unfortunately) disclaimer and distinction I bolded in the quote above is becoming -- with each passing year, month, week, day -- increasingly strained, ludicrous, counter-factual, and monstrously preposterous.

Medieval Christians seemed to have no problem condemning Muslims, and fighting them in violent battle in defense of lives, liberty, property and righteous principles.  Too many modern Christians have had their hearts and minds besotted with PC MC, and in their starry-eyed anxiety to be "good", disastrously confuse the love of Jesus with political correctness.  

Shame on them.  Christians are being attacked, abused, massacred, raped, and dispossessed of their dignity and property by Muslims in the name of Islam in various regions around the globe.  And as this violent fanaticism of Muslims following their Islam endangers not only Christians, but all of us -- whether atheist, agnostic, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, polytheistic -- this misplaced Gospel tends to do its part, as one rather influential branch of PC MC, to endanger us all.

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When I posted (on Jihad Watch comments back in early September) most of the gist of my above critique of this type of Christian making this type of irrationally artificial distinction between Islam and Muslims, someone named "Gharkad" (whom I haven't seen since nor much recall prior to that) posted a long comment defending that ludicrous distinction.   Subsequently, long-time and stalwart Jihad Watchers "CGW" and "Champ" posted nicely apposite rejoinders to the pish-posh of "Gharkad".

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Fiqh said...

Too many modern Christians have had their hearts and minds besotted with PC MC, and in their starry-eyed anxiety to be "good", disastrously confuse the love of Jesus with political correctness.

You are very correct Hesp. This is one of the things that I see as a huge problem. While the political Left continues to viciously vilify Christians as evil, intolerant warmongers, the reality is that so many Christians have become so Ned Flanders-ishly PC/MC that they are contributing significantly to our problem. They’re really more like suicidal pacifists.

I could tell you personal anecdote after personal anecdote about encounters that I’ve had with US Christians who steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the reality of all of this, precisely on the basis you describe. I find it extremely frustrating. I’ve been berated by many Evangelicals simply for expressing facts about Islam and the global jihad. This is a major component of the mental disease that is PC/MC.

One of the things that I’ve tried to do to reach these people is find a Biblical basis upon which to bring them on board with the resistance. However, not being religious myself, I am want of the necessary references. (Depressingly, I know far more about Islam now than I do any other religion.) I do know a few individual devout Christians (many are military people) who “get this,” and I’ve asked them, for the purpose of making this case, how they square their Christianity with their understanding of the horrible reality of Islam, and their determination to fight it. I ask them for specific Biblical references. After all, I’m sure the central message of Jesus couldn’t have been, ‘turn the other cheek until you all effectively commit suicide,’ right? But, to tell you the truth, I keep forgetting what they told me. (Most of these conversations happen in loud bars.)

Hesp, if you or any other readers can supply me with some Biblical references that make our case, please do. It’s a little easier to record on the internet, and I’ll copy the references to my ‘Islam’ tome of notes.

Hesperado said...

Thanks Fiqh. Offhand, I cannot think of any Biblical verses that clearly could be used to condemn Islam -- other than by inference to the fact that the Koran and Hadiths have numerous commands that would go against Christian ethics.

One possible tack to take would be to show the copious history of medieval Christians -- from the 10th century to the 17th century -- having no problems going to battle against Muslims and putting those battles in spiritual terms. The problem with this is two-fold when presented to many modern Christians:

1) if they are Protestant or "non-denominational" they will in their anti-Catholic bias tend to dismiss all those pre-modern Christian just wars as relevant

2) to the extent that they are PC MC (which, as you say, can also apply even to Evangelical types), they will tend to dismiss that historical record as pertaining to the bad old days when racist White Europeans did lots of bad things, including Colonialism; etc.