Friday, November 02, 2012

Muslim physiognomy

Of course, I don't need to be reminded of the Counter-Jihad mantra that "Islam is not a race".

Nevertheless, there is an ethnography to Islam, insofar as Islam historically represents a vast imperialism throughout centuries mainly embracing regions of what has become known as the "Third World".  Thus, Muslims will be much more likely to be non-white and non-Western (with the exceptions that prove the rule of Western converts -- still, thank Allah, a relatively minuscule proportion -- along with certain limitrophic peoples in the Balkans and in the "Stans" of central Asia).

Anyway, as I was watching the French movie Martyrs (directed by up-and-coming French director Pascal Laugier in 2008, a strange mélange of psychological thriller with shadowy political overtones, horror and slasher films all rolled up together), I came to the tentative conclusion rather early on that one of its two main stars (both 20-something females) was an Arab sump'n-or-other.  

The actress I'm referring to is Morjana Alaoui, the one in the photograph above.  I didn't know her name at the time, so I wasn't guessing because of that.  However, what tipped me toward thinking she was Middle Eastern and/or Maghrebian was that she was in a French film, speaking apparently flawless French.  Knowing myself, and knowing my relatively poor skills in determing ethnographic physiognomy (after all, one of my readers in a comment to one of my articles in March of 2009 castigated me for being unable to detect the fine granular distinction between a Greek and a Cypriot when I made the mistake of referring to Cat Stevens as being of "Greek extraction" when, as that reader pointed out, he is Cypriot), had I seen Morjana Alaoui in some generic English-speaking film, and if someone had asked me, I would have probably assumed she was Hispanic.

As it turns out, I was right: she's Moroccan (born in Casablanca in 1983) and apparently has become a French citizen (all too common for France to have sundry Maghrebian immigrants -- legal and illegal -- whether from Morocco, or Tunisia, or Algeria or other locales thoroughly diseased by Islam from centuries of occupation).  And, of course, because she's breezily hijabless (though not jobless) and acts in movies with plenty of haram activities going on (including nudity, not to mention fully clothed men and women mingling together) -- she must be a Moderate Muslim.

Even a Latina herself -- Arizona Congressional candidate Gabriela Sauceda Mercer -- pointed out the obvious which so many, even in the Counter-Jihad, refuse to acknowledge.  Speaking in the context of the problem of immigration from south of the border into America and the fact that, according to the news report from Reuters linked above, "...authorities in the previous year nabbed 25,000 illegal immigrants who were other than Mexican nationals...", Ms. Mercer said:

"That includes Chinese, Middle Easterners. If you know Middle Easterners, a lot of them they look Mexican or like a lot of people in South America - dark skin, dark hair, brown eyes, and they mix in...

And Ms. Mercer went on to note another unremarkable fact that, unfortunately, most Westerners haven't fully digested as they doze pleasantly hitting the snooze alarm on their digital clock still flashing 9:11 --  

"And those people, their only goal in life is to cause harm to the United States, so why do we want them here, either legally or illegally?"

[Note to my readers: please read the comments field to the above-linked Jihad Watch article for further elucidation from a commenter named "LemonLime" -- moi.]

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