Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"I'll have a Salafi on wry, hold the Mohammedannaise..."

In a news report on the new "democratic" Tunisian government punishing "drunkenness and indecency during Ramadan" with a fine:

"The trial comes at a time of heightened concerns in Tunisia over freedom of expression, and follows a spate of attacks by hardline Salafist Muslims over the summer on targets deemed un-Islamic."

A report in The Telegraph on Christian persecution by Muslims in various places around the world notes at one point:

"Innocence of Muslims, the production that spurred all the outrage, has been rightly dismissed as contemptible trash. What, though, of a website such as “Guardians of the Faith”, run by Salafist extremists in Cairo?"

A Middle Eastern news source, Al Arabiya, writes in a recent report:

"Egyptians who vote for a draft constitution that does not establish “shariah rulings” as the country’s main jurisprudence will go “to hell,” a Salafi political leader has said."

A report from the AFP news service about a current trial of 13 Bulgarian Muslim religious leaders:

"The 13 were charged with preaching a radical anti-democratic ideology based on hardline Salafist teachings during prayers at mosques, lectures, sermons and cafe meetings between March 2008 and October 2010 and with seeking to impose a caliphate state."

A report from the ANSAMed news service on some Tunisian Muslims putting Sharia into practice there:

"An alcohol beverages seller was attacked in La Manouba by a group of Salafist extremists, who cut off four of his fingers."

[Another story from the same news service describes "...the Islamist-led government's excessive leniency towards Salafist extremists."]

A report from the Norwegian news service, NRK, quotes Lars Gule, an "Islam researcher" and former head of the Norwegian Humanist Association:

"Islam Net is a salafist organization [Det er en salafistisk organisasjon]. They are not jihadists who advocate violence, but they believe that equality, democracy, and equality of Muslims and non-Muslims is contrary to God's will..."

[An interesting distinction Lars makes there -- a distinction finer than the palest blue of an Aurora borealis hovering over the midnight ice, where, after hours in a sauna and a half a bottle of Vikingsfjord vodka later, one no longer can tell the difference between fairies and Øyenstikker...]

An op-ed in the New York Times, on the problem of Tunisian Muslims:

"Salafists attacked the U.S. Embassy and burned its school (attended by Tunisians) while the government failed to dispatch police, firemen or soldiers."

A report from the BBC on a Muslim, Kalimulla Ibragimov, a cleric recently assassinated by other Muslims, notes that:

"Mr Ibragimov is said by Russian media to have been a "Salafist", a term used for Islamic radicals. Nonetheless, according to utro.ru, he "often gave sermons and made appeals for peace and Muslim unity"...."

[Even the Russian media are PC MC!]

Note:  The above list was taken from merely the front page of Jihad Watch, spanning a mere three days, from October 28 to October 30!  Think of how many more "Salafists" one could find in the entire month of October, let alone this past year.


It's official:  the term Salafist has gone viral.  It seems to have edged out "Islamist" and "jihadist" for the primary way, among both PC MCs and the supposedly more no-nonsense alternative journalists, to avoid using the term "Muslim". (I counted fifteen instances of "Islamists" used by an African reporter in a recent news report published for the mainstream German news journal Spiegel Online International). 

It's time to recognize Salafist (and the adjectival form, Salafi) as the officially fashionable term with which to denote the TMOE (Tiny Minority of Extremists).

Whether (ab)users of the term realize it or not, its main effect is to reinforce and perpetuate the PC MC paradigm with regard to the Problem (or, rather, the Non-Problem) of Islam.


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