Thursday, January 10, 2013

A thought about "the new Jews"


I realized I don't do this enough on my blog. And why not; it's my blog after all -- I can do what I want! Anyway, I tend to approach my blog as kind of a chore, where I demand of myself that I put a lot of time and research into each essay (with a few exceptions along the way); and part and parcel with this, I feel obligated to construct fairly long essays. But today I won't, and I hope to get into the habit of relaxing this way.

So, my thought today (occasioned by a Jihad Watch report about a Jewish publisher helping a Muslim apologist slyly sell her disingenuous taqiyya):

While PC MC afflicts various types of people (by the millions throughout the West, as well as among its former colonies like India and the Philippines, to take just two examples) across many different sociological and cultural categories "without discrimination" (pun intended), the Jewish flavor of PC MC is distinctive, imbued with a soupçon of irrationally misplaced Holocaustophobia -- precisely aiding and abetting the grotesquely wrongheaded tendency to regard Muslims as "the new Jews" potentially to be "rounded up" and "put into camps" by the evil white West (yes, the same evil white West that spent money, time, and its own blood to help defeat Hitler; but never mind that).

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