Monday, January 28, 2013

The diamond crux


In a report on Jihad Watch that notes the irony of the French government advocating and enacting support for the Syrian "rebels" fighting Assad, Robert Spencer almost casually lets slip from his pen what is actually a brilliant, albeit obvious, observation:

"So France is essentially urging funding of the people it is fighting in Mali."

This gem of Spencer's -- a true gem, which I mean without a shred of sarcasm -- is unsuitably buried amid this report: for this gem, this veritable diamond of an aphorism, with searingly acute precision crystallizes the entire folly of the entire West in its response to the entire problem of Islam not only in 2013, but ever since 911 (if not also in the decades immediately preceding).

The West for years has been literally, and figuratively, funding and supporting, in one way or another, the very same Muslims it is, haphazardly and half-assedly, defending itself from. 

And the West continues, to this very day, with this insane, increasingly reckless program full speed ahead -- energetically, robustly, earnestly, expensively.

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