Saturday, March 16, 2013

Diagramming the pretzel
The other day, I found a crusty, gnarly old pretzel as I was cleaning out one of my Hesperado cabinets in the back room (so old, it harks back to the days when Spencer still liked Diana West):

1. Heinz-Christian Strache of the Austrian political party, the FPÖ -- demonized by Melanie Phillips as "racist" and "neo-Nazi"

2. Robert Spencer lauds Melanie Phillips

3. Diana West supports Heinz-Christian Strache

4. Robert Spencer lauds Diana West

5. Charles Johnson demonizes Heinz-Christian Strache

6. Charles Johnson demonizes Robert Spencer

7. Robert Spencer condemns Charles Johnson for demonizing Spencer, Diana West and Gates of Vienna

8. Gates of Vienna supports Spencer against Charles Johnson

9. Gates of Vienna supports Heinz-Christian Strache

10. Robert Spencer condemns Heinz-Christian Strache

11. Gates of Vienna keeps silent about Spencer's condemnation of Heinz-Christian Strache


Anonymous said...

I read that bit Melanie Philips wrote about the Austrian politician. It sums up perfectly the muddled thinking of the "counter jihad" crowd and so, too, does their musical chairs rendition of who praises, or denounces, whom. Kids in a schoolyard, while real people die and we go down without a whimper. There's something about their desire for purity (political or ideological or associate-wise) that actually sounds, not 'racist', 'unrealistic' will do. All sorts of people, good and bad, oppose immigration but somehow, to Philips et al, once you actually say who amongst the 'immigrants' you don't want in your country, then you become a pariah. Time to leave them to their shadow-boxing and hanging out with their best friends.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first poster. There is strong impulse for political or ideological purity among the grand poobahs of the CJ movement. Which is a bad thing.

Another thing, there are also a lot of closet NeoCon/globalist types - like Philips who are quite PC/MC as any Leftist and quite adept at talking out both sides of her mouth at the same time. The fact she supports CJ but also supports open immigration that is killing England makes her no friend of the CJ movement nor of the West.

She even advocates letting Muslims immigrating to the West. IOW she's adopted the "tiny minority of Muslims" policy.

With friends like her who needs enemies.

spike said...

I admit, I'm a new learner to this counter jihad movement.My previous learnings of giopolitical insight were primarially gatherd through the "main stream media".One year ago after purching a computer,everything changed.Finally,now I am beginning to understand that islam must be confronted and stopped.And then eliminated everywhere in the world.In my humble opinion,I would suggest to the good people of the U.S.A. to consern themselves to the good old U.S.A. first, if your intention is to stop islam anywhere and everwhere in the world.

Always On Watch said...

The counterjihad is much more fractured now as compared to 2005-2006.

What's more, conservatism as a whole has abandoned thinking about the threat of Islam.