Sunday, April 21, 2013


Boston wasn't the straw that broke the camel's back. That camel's back has been broken for years, made to walk with a limp shouldering his humps across the sands his fellows are hiding their heads in, taking little comfort in the trickles of the water of uncommon sense one may eke out at the occasional oases that dot a wasteland replenished by the banks of De Nile riddled with the caravanserais of hijra-bound Mohammedan immigrants hell-bent on their epochal desideratum to infiltrate, occupy and conquer by various means -- from mere but massive demographic aggrandizement; to slyly deceptive propaganda and protestations of peaceful intentions; to the slow and steady stillicide of terror attacks -- from Manhattan to Moscow to Madrid, from Amman to Amsterdam, from Lebanon to London, from Beslan to Boston -- calculated over a long time to wear down the fiber of an otherwise superior enemy. 

There was Islamophobia -- a ridiculous coinage that unfortunately continues to enjoy sociopolitical traction (if it is not indeed gaining ground) -- then there was the neat (but, alas, largely ignored) antidote countercoined by John Derbyshire, Islamophobophobia. Then other hybrids came along -- Islamorealism and Islamonausea.  

The definition for the French word ennui includes:"annoyance, trouble, boredom, tedium, depression, gloom".  Hence my contribution:  Islamonnui.

That's how I feel after Boston.  It frankly has less to do with Islam than it does with my society's persisting myopia to the danger of Islam.  A careful reading of Jihad Watch reports and Debbie Schlussel's blog this past week documenting the response in the mainstream news media, in politics, among intelligence and police spokesmen, and among other cultural pundits and analysts throughout the West reveals -- once again, for the umpteenth time -- a Body Politic whose mind suffers from a mass neurosis taking on the dimensions, and effects, of a mass psychosis.  Once I was angry, even infuriated by this.  Now I'm exhausted with ennui.

I cannot calculate how far I am, in spirit, from the solemnly appalled feeling that the West -- this kind of West that madly avoids the Camel in the Room even while that beast of the desert is waging violent war against us -- no longer deserves to be defended; that in fact it deserves to be destroyed, and let the Mohammedans have us.  But now after Boston, viscerally sickened past Islamonausea into an advanced state of Islamonnui, I can sense the distance there closing.


Anonymous said...

"let the Mohammedans have us"

Well, considering the Islamic jihad plan is to murder all adult male infidels and make infidel women and boy and girl children into Muslim sex slaves, this is a pretty bleak resolution.


Always On Watch said...

People seem to be unwilling or unable to come to terms with facing certain realities. To face the reality about Islam might require revamping one's whole worldview. After all, for decades, schools, particularly in comparative study of religion courses, have taught that Islam is just another religion. People have to move out of their comfort zone to come to terms with the fact that Islam is, through and through, a geopolitical ideology in religious trappings.

If the West has lost its moxie, then the West will get what it deserves: the dustbin of history.