Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sorry if I keep repeating myself...

Seeing how so many in the Counter-Jihad (what should be the Anti-Islam Movement, and may well be, some day...) keep stubbornly misapprehending the nature of the Problem of the Problem (the primary Problem being Islam, of course, and the Problem's Problem being the West's persistent myopia about that primary Problem), then today's essay -- which I've repeated Every Which Way But Loose a hundred ways over the years (and recently reiterated on a Jihad Watch comments field for the umpteenth time) -- bears repeating.

I sense that most in the Counter-Jihad (let alone, for God's sake, outside that still small ambit) apparently don't realize that the PC MC dogma, which like a two-sided coin has two connected parts, has been a part of the modern West for a good 60 years as a dominantly mainstream belief throughout Western societies, with historical roots going back much longer.

It is not some conspiracy; it is simply a cultural growth, a social shift in mental fashion -- a paradigm shift -- the latest permutation, of Western progress.

The two-part PC MC dogma, which forms its First Commandment is this:

1) Non-Western non-white people must always be respected and coddled, and never substantively criticized for anything bad.

2) The white West must always be blamed for anything substantively bad.

This is not the psychosis of Leftism; it is the neurosis of a mindset far broader than mere Leftism, affecting and infecting the hearts and minds of nearly everyone on the political spectrum (Left, Right, Center, and Apolitical) and nearly everyone on the social spectrum (Elites, Ordinary Folks, Rich Folks, Middle-Class Folks, Poor Folks).

This neurotic mindset has evolved out of good Graeco-Roman Judaeo-Christian virtues as an aberrant growth, and the point is, to repeat myself yet again, it affects the hearts and minds of millions of Westerners now (and for a good two or three generations past). 

A key point: It affects even those who otherwise think of themselves as politically incorrect on a wide array of other sociopolitical issues.  There are many reflexively knee-jerk Western defenders of Muslims who would laugh if you called them a "liberal".  

"A liberal???  Ha ha!" they say, after you've called them that on the heels of their PC MC defense of Islam and the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims.  "I'm not a liberal!  Why, I'm..." -- and then they rattle off their conservative bonafides as demonstrated by numerous beliefs and positions they hold.

Now, the evolution of this dogma into mainstream dominance has resulted in the emotional and intellectual equation of:

"to be a good person" =

"to prefer non-white non-Westerners over white Westerners and non-white cultures over the white West" .

Even if this equation is not consciously thought or explicitly expressed by the person, he nonetheless accepts it more or less.  Even the politically incorrect conservative takes it as an axiomatic given, for example, that Western Colonialism was mostly "wrong" and treated those poor Third World peoples shabbily.  Not to mention other axiomatic givens, like the Crusades were wrong, the Inquisition was wrong, the West practiced the worst slavery of anyone else in the Solar System; and so forth.

No need for a conspiracy here, when garden-variety people actually love Big Brother in their hearts. 

This reflects a mass fashion that will take many decades to reverse.  It won't do any good, however, to demonize the people who are in its thrall.  The vast majority of them are relatively intelligent, decent people who are confused in a complicated way.  Had someone actually devised the PC MC dogma, it could be seen as an ingenious invention -- for it directly links ethical good (and psychologically feeling good for being ethical) with prejudice in favor of the Other and against the West.  

Exquisitely ironic, seeing as this ethical good is a Western concept in the first place.

But no one invented this in a laboratory, or in some smoke-filled room.  It evolved like all socially influential ideas that take hold in an Age.  Some are beneficial, some are mediocre, and some -- like PC MC with regard to one issue (the problem of Islam) -- are disastrous.


Anonymous said...

I've known plenty of blue collar white like myself who held very un- PC/MC opinions on minority groups, feminists, etc.

Of course these men only discussed it with like minded folk. People like Spencer and his band of intellectuals would be very uncomfortable around them.

You'll also find un PC-MC opinions among cops, guards, cashiers and anyone who has to deal with the low end of the public on a regular basis.

Here's the thing though. There are no public venues for people to express any view other than the status-quo. You can't mention the book "White Girls Bleed a lot"; FBI crime statistics in regards to which ethnic group commits the most murders; or why Muslims should be expelled from the West. In these and other cases, one is forced into the blogosphere.

Hesperado said...

The problem is, there are many "blue collar" un-PC types who are obsessed by non-Islamic problems. I.e., they could go on for hours about the problem of blacks, but only give brief lip service to the astronomically worse problem of Muslims -- and then they may ruin even that with some conspiracy theory about Jews that lets Muslims off the hook